Library Registry

The Libraries' Registry includes information on services provided by the libraries that participate in the Catalogue and update their own data both online and in batch. This archive contains also the records of the inactive libraries, that do not update their own data. Basic information is also provided both for ceased libraries and under trial libraries. the Registry also contains the identity records of the Polo Bolognese SBN Bologna SBN Centre.

Search user interface


The official name of the library or, however, the name registered in the ACNP Catalogue. The search is executed both in the name and varying form/short name fields.


The city where the library is located.


The province where the library is located.


It is the code that uniquely identifies the libraries in the Catalogue. This 5-digit code is composed by

- 2 alphabetic characters that identify the province of the library's Body and 3 numeric characters (i.e. BO101).

The codes of the virtual union libraries (electronic or institutional) usually consist of 5 alphabetic characters (i.e., UNITO)

SBN Code

It is code that uniquely identifies the libraries of the SBN network (National Library Service). The code is composed of 5 alphabetic characters: 3 identify the reference Centre and 2 identify the library within the Centre (i.e., UFI MG).

Subject area

It is possible to select a subject area from a dropdown menu to limit the search only to the libraries that declared the discipline among the most representative of their own holdings.

N.B. Information on subject area is not available for the libraries of the Bologna SBN Centre.

Library status

It is possible to select only the libraries in a specific status (all, active, inactive, ceased, UNIBO Centre) from the dropdown menu.