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The Archive contains a huge number of table of contents and abstracts (tocs and abs) from various sources: self-produced indexes, specific indexing projects and Current Contents archive.

Bibliographic information of indexes varies according to the source. Self-produced indexing projects are UNIBO and ANTICO. Specific projects are COVET, promoted by veterinary libraries; ESSPER, an indexing project promoted by the University of Castellanza in the fields of Economics, Social Sciences and History; SBN-RM which contains the indexes of La Sapienza University of Rome, extracted from the SBN database; ICR for the journal indexes automatically "read" by an ICR (Intelligent Scanner Recognition) scanner.

Indexing from the ISI source is by far the most numerous (more than 8.700) and refers to the Current Contents archive. The access to these articles is reserved to the users of Bologna University and are updated until 2002.

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