Acnpsearch: the new opac of ACNP Catalogue

New graphic, new functions, new navigation, new services, enhanced performances.

After the launch of the new program Acnpweb, the renewal of the Italian Union Catalogue of Periodicals continues.

With the creation of Acnpsearch, the search tool of the Catalogue and its related archives is completely redisegned.

The “old” Opac, which has gloriousely helped users with their searches for many years, is retiring. The catalogue, registry and indexes archive interface is completed renewed and aligned with the most modern and sophisticated realizations in the international context.

Even if all the main features of the old progam, which achieved a resounding success among users, remain untouched, Acnpsearch is enhanced with new functions. First of all, the possibility to users to register in order to obtain some important advantages, such as saving searches and running them when needed.

Enabled catalogers can access the program by simply signing in and will have AcnpDoc, one more important feature of the new Opac besides searching ISSN Register as usual.

AcnpDoc is a service reserved to ACNP libraries for documents exchange between the libraries of the Catalogue through a formalized form, pre-filled with the basic data of the periodical. All transactions will be stored for statistical purpose over the time.

Some free access services are also available (Sherpa, Romeo, SCImago, Scholar, Scholar, etc.), which considerably increase the information on periodicals.


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