Fine structure of micro-groove for the display system ruled by ruling engine

M. Sato et al., Fine structure of micro-groove for the display system ruled by ruling engine, MOLEC CRYST, 367, 2001, pp. 3567-3572
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Physical Chemistry/Chemical Physics
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3567 - 3572
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In recent years, liquid crystal display with less power of the display cons umed is very important problem. In this paper, it is denoted that the front light system for emitting the daily light with the ultra-low power consump tion type is developed. It is a purpose of this paper to apply to the front light by cutting of the minute groove (optical grating), and scratching on the ITO film. In the experimental method, ultra precise cutting machine ca lled "RULING ENGINE" is used. Micro-groove of high-density marked line is c ut on aluminum thin film (evaporated), copper film (plated) and ITO film (s puttered) which are prepared on the glass substrates. Diamond cutter with t he profile specially shaped in the cross section is prepared. The cross sec tion of the diamond cutter shape is accurately transferred to the micro-gro ove. Marked line is succeeded in the groove of 0.4 mum pitch (2500 lines pe r mm) in the minimum, and of 0.2 mm pitch (5 lines per mm) in the maximum i n pitch length. Using Michelson interferometer and feedback control system, the accuracy of the feed step completed 0.078 mum in pitch length. It is s hown that characteristics of reflective light distribution by the groove ar e flat under adaptive condition in front light.