A survey of the European valvatiform hydrobiid genera, with special reference to Hauffenia Pollonera, 1898 (Gastropoda : Hydrobiidae)

M. Bodon et al., A survey of the European valvatiform hydrobiid genera, with special reference to Hauffenia Pollonera, 1898 (Gastropoda : Hydrobiidae), MALACOLOGIA, 43(1-2), 2001, pp. 103-215
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0076-2997 → ACNP
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103 - 215
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All the taxa of genus and species groups introduced for the European valvat iform hydrobiids are analyzed, and if possible revised. All the type species have been redescribed on the basis of new anatomical s tudies or data in the literature when spirit specimens were not available. This enabled the following taxa. to be recognized as junior synonyms of Hau ffenia Pollonera, 1898 (type species Horatia (Hauffenia) tellinii Pollonera , 1898): Erythropomatiana Radoman, 1978 (type species Valvata erythropomati a Hauffen, 1856); Lobaunia Haase, 1993 (type species: Lobaunia danubialis H aase, 1993); Neohoratia Schutt, 1961 (type species Valvata (?) subpiscinali s Kuscer, 1932); and Vrania Radoman, 1978 (type species Valvata wagneri Kus cer, 1928). Of the species currently assigned to Hauffenia, only a few from the eastern Alps and Balkans actually belong to it: H. erythropomatia (Hauffen, 1856); H. kerschneri (Zimmermann, 1930); H. media Bole, 1961; H. subcarinata Bole & Velkovrh, 1987; H. subpiscinalis ( Kuscer, 1932); H. tellinii (Pollonera , 1898) (with H. michleri Kuscer, 1932, as junior synonym); H. tovunica Rad oman, 1978; H. wagneri (Kuscer, 1928); and H. wienerwaldensis Haase, 1992. Each is redescribed. Many "Hauffenia" species from the Balkans remain of uncertain generic statu s due to the absence, or incompleteness of anatomical data. However, Horati a (Hauffenia) raehlei Schutt, 1980, is placed in the genus Fissuria Boeters , 1981, on the basis of its anatomy. After anatomical study, most of the French "Hauffenia" have been assigned t o Islamla Radoman, 1973a, and tentatively to the following species: I. minu ta (Draparnaud, 1805), I. globulina (Paladilhe, 1866), I. spirata (Bernasco ni, 1985), and I. consolationis (Bernasconi, 1985). Anatomical study of the French "Horatia" exilis (Paladilhe, 1867) supports its allocation to a new genus: Heraultia, n. gen. The Spanish species currently assigned to "Horatia" or "Neohoratia" do not belong to these genera. Some of them, namely "N." ateni (Boeters, 1969), "N ." globulus globulus (Bofill, 1909), and "N." g. Iagari (Altimira, 1960), b elong to Islamia. Diagnoses and keys are provided for the European valvatiform hydrobiid gene ra and for the species of Hauffenia, together with tables summarising their taxonomic status and distribution.