Direct measurement of B(D-omicron ->phi Chi(omicron)) and B(D+->phi Chi(+)) - art. no. 052001

Bai, JZ Ban, Y Bian, JG Blum, I Chen, GP Chen, HF Chen, J Chen, JC Chen, Y Chen, YB Chen, YQ Cheng, BS Cui, XZ Ding, HL Dong, LY Du, ZZ Dunwoodie, W Gao, CS Gao, ML Gao, SQ Gratton, P Gu, JH Gu, SD Gu, WX Gu, YF Guo, YN Guo, ZJ Han, SW Han, Y Harris, FA He, J He, JT He, KL He, M Heng, YK Hitlin, DG Hu, GY Hu, HM Hu, JL Hu, QH Hu, T Hu, XQ Huang, YZ Huang, GS Izen, JM Jiang, CH Jin, Y Jones, BD Ju, X Ke, ZJ Kelsey, MH Kim, BK Kong, D Lai, YF Lang, PF Lankford, A Li, CG Li, D Li, HB Li, J Li, JC Li, PQ Li, RB Li, W Li, WG Li, XH Li, XN Liu, HM Liu, J Liu, RG Liu, Y Lou, XC Lowery, B Lu, F Lu, JG Luo, XL Ma, EC Ma, JM Malchow, R Mandelkern, M Mao, HS Mao, ZP Meng, XC Nie, J Olsen, SL Oyang, J Paluselli, D Pan, LJ Panetta, J Porter, F Qi, ND Qi, XR Qian, CD Qiu, JF Qu, YH Que, YK Rong, G Schernau, M Schmid, B Schultz, J Shao, YY Shen, BW Shen, DL Shen, H Shen, XY Sheng, HY Shi, HZ Song, XF Standifird, J Stoker, D Sun, F Sun, HS Sun, Y Sun, YZ Tang, SQ Toki, W Tong, GL Varner, GS Wang, F Wang, LS Wang, LZ Wan, M Wang, P Wang, PL Wang, SM Wang, TJ Wang, YY Weaver, M Wei, CL Wu, N Wu, YG Xi, DM Xia, XM Xie, PP Xie, Y Xie, YH Xu, GF Xue, ST Yan, J Yan, WG Yang, CM Yang, CY Yang, HX Yang, J Yang, W Yang, XF Ye, MH Ye, SW Ye, YX Yu, CS Yu, CX Yu, GW Yu, YH Yu, ZQ Yuan, CZ Yuan, Y Zhang, BY Zhang, C Zhang, CC Zhang, DH Zhang, DH Zhang, HL Zhang, J Zhang, JW Zhang, L Zhang, LS Zhang, P Zhang, QJ Zhang, SQ Zhang, XY Zhang, YY Zhao, DX Zhao, HW Zhao, JW Zhao, M Zhao, WR Zhao, ZG Zheng, JP Zheng, LS Zheng, ZP Zhou, BQ Zhou, GP Zhou, HS Zhou, L Zhu, KJ Zhu, QM Zhu, YC Zhu, YS Zhuang, BA
Jz. Bai et al., Direct measurement of B(D-omicron ->phi Chi(omicron)) and B(D+->phi Chi(+)) - art. no. 052001, PHYS REV D, 6205(5), 2000, pp. 2001
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0556-2821 → ACNP
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The first measurement of B(D-0 --> phi X-0) and an upper limit for B(D+ --> phi X+) are determined from 22.3 pb(-1) of e(+)e(-) annihilation data at a c.m. energy of 4.03 GeV. The data were recorded by the Beijing Spectromete r (BES) at BEPC. A recoil charge method is applied to charm threshold data to determine the charge of the D meson in the recoil from 9054+/-309+/-416 reconstructed D-0, D+ mesons. The branching fractions B(D0 --> phi X-0) = ( 1.71(-0.71)(+0.76) +/- 0.17)%, and B(D+ --> phi X+) < 1.8% are determined f rom 10 events with a reconstructed D and a recoiling phi. In addition, a 90 % C.L. upper limit of B(D+ --> phi e(+)X(0)) < 1.6% is determined from a se arch for semileptonic decays of the D+.