Beneficiaries and type of access
Accesso riservato utenti istituzionali IOV-IRCCS tramite accesso da postazioni in istituto, in remoto tramite BiblioSan CLAS o tramite identità IDEM (shibboleth).
Description of service
Accesso riservato agli utenti IOV-IRCCS e BiblioSan. The Subscriber may:1.3.10 use Excerpts published by Elsevier as source material to fulfill requests as part of the practice commonly known as .interlibrary loan. on an Excerpt-by-Excerpt basis, provided that (i) the request comes from an academic or other non-commercial, non-corporate research library located in the same country as the Subscriber and (ii) the requested Excerpt is printed by the Subscriber and mailed, faxed or scanned and transmitted using Ariel or Nilde document delivery software to the requesting library (direct electronic transmission of the requested article to the requesting end user is not permitted).