Biblioteca della Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati

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Data last updated on 2020
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Books: 15000 ACNP periodicals: 451, referred active: 111
Scienze fisiche e astronomiche Scienze biologiche e farmacologiche Scienze psicologiche Scienze matematiche
Time notes: Durante il mese di Agosto la biblioteca aprirà alle h.9 e chiuderà alle h.14 da lunedì a venerdì, il sabato e festivi resterà chiusa. Possibili riduzioni d'orario e giornate di chiusura in concomitanza con le principali festività.
Enabled services: ACNP Catalogue; Reading seats: 80; Public terminals: 2; Services available: Bibliographic search online; Photocopies; Available media: cd-rom; Accessibility notes: La biblioteca non presenta barriere architettoniche ed è quindi accessibile ad utenti con disabilità motoria. Other management systems: Altro Service notes: Gli esterni vengono ammessi al prestito su presentazione di un docente.
Le richieste possono essere inoltrate via email ( o modulo web NILDE. Il servizio e' gratuito per le biblioteche che applicano le stesse condizioni e a pagamento (rimborso spese di fotocopiatura e spedizione) per le altre. Obbligatorio specificare la reciprocita', altrimenti verra' automaticamente richiesto il rimborso. Non si effettua il servizio a privati. Ogni biblioteca puo' richiedere fino a tre articoli a settimana. Per il prestito interbibliotecario il servizio e' gratuito per le biblioteche che applicano la stessa condizione, o a pagamento con IFLA vouchers.
Consultation is available for: teachers; researchers; undergraduates; faculty students; university student; external users; Loan is available for: teachers; researchers; undergraduates; faculty students; Service notes: Gli esterni vengono ammessi al prestito su presentazione di un docente.
ADMISSION AND BORROWING Admission The access to the Library is permitted to all SISSA users and to authorized users of other Universities & Research Institutions with which SISSA has special agreements (Phd/magister courses in common) or scientific collaborations. During hours of closure, SISSA users who have a valid personal SISSA badge can enter using their personal badge. Each user is responsible for the people who enter the library with him/her and personal badges should not be lent to other users. All the Library users have to maintain an appropriate and respectful behavior towards other users, materials, equipment and silence. In all the rooms of the library it is forbidden to smoke (also e-cigs). No food or drinks are allowed. Users can introduce only closable bottles of water. It is not possible to bring bags inside the library: these have to be stored in the lockers located in the library entrance hall. The loan desk staff allows the access with bags only to those who are going in blue/red room for a meeting. Lockers are intended for temporary storage, so users have to empty them by the end of the day in which the box has been reserved, before leaving the library. The users cannot store wet umbrellas or anything that could damage or dirty the lockers. Consulting The consultation of books and journals is free for all users who have the right to access the Library. Journals located in the storage must be requested to the library personnel. After consulting books and journals, users must place them where indicated. Users can photocopy books and journals using the photocopier in the library entrance hall, according to the limits specified by Law 633/1941 and its subsequent amendments. Library users have to inform the library staff about any damage found during consultation. If a volume is damaged while being consulted or photocopied, the user is responsible for the damage and has to replace the volume with a new copy or an old one (in very good condition). In case the volume cannot be replaced, the user will be subject to the decisions of the Head of the library who will indicate a new book to purchase of the same value of the damaged one. E-resources are available to all SISSA users through internal network or VPN connection. External authorized users can access e-resources using the SISSA library workstations in the Library entrance hall. Borrowing SISSA users loan access (internal user) Access to book loan is available only to users who stay in SISSA for at least one month. To enable a new user (SISSA or from other University who is officially involved in a SISSA Phd/magister course of study) to borrow books, the library loan desk staff needs: 1) a formal request/authorization by email ( from a SISSA relevant office (Students' Secretariat, Human Resources Office.) or from the guest management program; 2) the user has to come personally to the loan desk for the registration and to provide some personal information. Users who stay in SISSA for more than six months and who have a SISSA badge, are kindly recommended to personalize their SISSA badge (with photo & badge number) before coming to the Library. The personalized badge number, if communicated to the loan desk personnel (preferably during the registration at the loan desk), will be registered into the self-loan system thus allowing users to manage their loans by themselves (a service working 24/7). Users. personal data will be stored in the library database and used only for communications regarding loans. External user loan access All external users not belonging to the type specified above, can access the loan on the basis of specific agreements between the SISSA (library) and Research Institutions. Users belonging to Research Institutions with which the library has not special agreements can access the loan only if a SISSA full professor invites them following the SISSA visitors procedure. Other external users can request access to the loan contacting the Head of the library in person. At his/her sole discretion the Head of the library will grant the authorization. Loan management Books on permanent loan, journals and reference books are not available for loan. Each user has specified limits regarding the type, the number of loans and renewals assigned to his/her category, and the user must respect them (see Appendix 1). When an item has reached the maximum time and/or renewal limit allowed for borrowing, it should be returned to the library within 5 days from the expiry date of the loan. In case the user needs it again, after two weeks from the returning date, if it is still available, the user will be able to take it on loan. This is important in order to allow all SISSA community members to benefit from the loan and consultation of all library resources. Users who do not return or renew their loans regularly, despite the e-mail reminders, will receive a warning. If, after this warning, they persist with an irregular management of their loans, or do not return loans when EXPLICITLY required within 7 days, the library staff will provide to assign "forced renewals" (as a penalty) reducing the loan time for current or future loans. In order to protect the printed collection and its fruition by the other members of the community, the Head of the library or his/her deputy may insert a user in the black list (no further loan or renewal) for the period of time that he/she may deem more appropriate. All the users are expected to return all the items on loan at least two working days before the end of their official permanence at SISSA. Specifically, SISSA PHD students are required to return the items on loan at least two working days before the date of their thesis defense. Any exception must be agreed upon personally with the library loan desk staff. SISSA full professors may ask permanent loans of an item contacting directly the Head of the library, who at his/her sole discretion may or not grant the authorization depending on the case. The user is responsible for lost or damaged books, and has to replace them with a new copy or an old one (in very good condition). In case the volume cannot be replaced, the user will be subject to the decisions of the Head of the library who will indicate a new book to purchase of the same value of the damaged/lost one. Renewals A renewal can be denied if the book has been reserved by another user or if the user has reached the limits assigned to his/her category. Document Delivery Service All users who are admitted to the loan may request for articles of journals or book chapters not owned by SISSA library. The topics of the articles have to regard SISSA scientific research areas. When the DDS is charged by the lending library, the articles may be provided only to internal users. According to the "copyright rules" most of the articles have to be provided ONLY in printed format. In case of a relevant number of requests the DD Service may give higher priority to internal users. requests. Inter-Library Loan Service Only the SISSA internal users may request Inter-Library loans (books requested to other libraries). The topics of the books have to regard SISSA scientific research areas. Users have to: . sign the receipt when the book is collected, . return the book within the deadline imposed by the borrowing library, . if a ILL loan is damaged or lost by the user, the user is responsible for it and has to replace it with a new one. In case the book cannot be replaced, the user will be subject to the decisions of the borrowing library.