*Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of London

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   <subfield code="a">itacnp36828</subfield>
   <subfield code="2">IT-ACNP</subfield>
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   <subfield code="a">(ISSN)1478-615X</subfield>
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   <subfield code="a">acnp</subfield>
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   <subfield code="a">PROC. R. GEOGR. SOC. LOND.</subfield>
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   <subfield code="a">Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of London</subfield>
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   <subfield code="a">Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of London</subfield>
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   <subfield code="a">Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society</subfield>
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   <subfield code="a">London</subfield>
   <subfield code="b">Edward Stanford</subfield>
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   <subfield code="c">Data export is allowed to ACNP participating libraries for institutional purposes and to individuals for personal, non-commercial uses only. Please contact the Bologna University ACNP Team ( www.biblioteche.unibo.it/acnp/staff-e-contatti ) to request permission to use exported data outside the scope of the above license, including but not limited to republication to a group or republishing the website or parts of the website.</subfield>
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   <subfield code="a">Royal Geographical Society</subfield>
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   <subfield code="t">Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of London (Online)</subfield>
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   <subfield code="t">Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and monthly record of geography</subfield>
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