Corp./Body Author: Society of Comparative Legislation and International Law
ISSN: 1479-5949
ISSN-L: 1479-5949
Cumulative holding: 1918-1951.

Formed by the unino of: The *international law quarterly
ISSN: 1479-5930
ISSN-L: 1479-5930
Cumulative holding: 1947-1951.

Alternative title: Problems of peace and war","Problems of public and private international law
Corp./Body Author: Grotius Society
ISSN: 1479-1234
ISSN-L: 1479-1234
Cumulative holding: 1918-1959.

Corp./Body Author: British Institute of International and Comparative Law
ISSN: 1471-6895
ISSN-L: 0020-5893
Cumulative holding: 1947-