ISSN: 1594-0330
ISSN-L: 1594-0330
Cumulative holding: 1989-2019;

Other physical media: *eBMJ (London)
Alternative title: eBritish medical journal (London)","Provincial medical & surgical journal","Provincial medical journal and retrospect of the medical sciences","Provincial medical & surgical journal (1844)","London journal of medicine","Association medical journal","British medical journal (1857)","British medical journal (Clinical research ed. 1981)
ISSN: 1468-5833
ISSN-L: 1468-5833
Cumulative holding: 1840-

Other physical media: *BMJ (Online)
Alternative title:,,"British medical journal
Corp./Body Author: British Medical Association
ISSN: 1756-1833
ISSN-L: 0959-535X
Cumulative holding: 1840-

ISSN: 1759-2151
ISSN-L: 1759-2151
Cumulative holding: 2009-