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Authors: Frank, DA McCarten, KM Robson, CD Mirochnick, M Cabral, H Park, H Zuckerman, B
Citation: Da. Frank et al., Level of in utero cocaine exposure and neonatal ultrasound findings, PEDIATRICS, 104(5), 1999, pp. 1101-1105

Authors: Linares, LO Groves, BM Greenberg, J Bronfman, E Augustyn, M Zuckerman, B
Citation: Lo. Linares et al., Restraining orders: A frequent marker of adverse maternal health, PEDIATRICS, 104(2), 1999, pp. 249-257

Authors: Weinberger, AJ Becklin, EE Schneider, G Smith, BA Lowrance, PJ Silverstone, MD Zuckerman, B Terrile, RJ
Citation: Aj. Weinberger et al., The circumstellar disk of HD 141569 imaged with NICMOS, ASTROPHYS J, 525(1), 1999, pp. L53-L56

Authors: Kirkpatrick, JD Allard, F Bida, T Zuckerman, B Becklin, EE Chabrier, G Baraffe, I
Citation: Jd. Kirkpatrick et al., An improved optical spectrum and new model fits of the likely brown dwarf GD 165B, ASTROPHYS J, 519(2), 1999, pp. 834-843

Authors: Webb, RA Zuckerman, B Platais, I Patience, J White, RJ Schwartz, MJ McCarthy, C
Citation: Ra. Webb et al., Discovery of seven T Tauri stars and a brown dwarf candidate in the nearbyTW Hydrae Association, ASTROPHYS J, 512(1), 1999, pp. L63-L67

Authors: Lowrance, PJ McCarthy, C Becklin, EE Zuckerman, B Schneider, G Webb, RA Hines, DC Kirkpatrick, JD Koerner, DW Low, F Meier, R Rieke, M Smith, BA Terrile, RJ Thompson, RI
Citation: Pj. Lowrance et al., A candidate substellar companion to CD -33 degrees 7795 (TWA 5), ASTROPHYS J, 512(1), 1999, pp. L69-L72

Authors: Wang, XB Wang, BY Chen, CZ Yang, JH Fang, ZA Zuckerman, B Xu, XP
Citation: Xb. Wang et al., Familial aggregation of blood pressure in a rural Chinese community, AM J EPIDEM, 149(5), 1999, pp. 412-420

Authors: Zuckerman, B Lavie, O Beller, U
Citation: B. Zuckerman et al., Untitled - Reply, INT J GYN C, 8(6), 1998, pp. 511-512

Authors: Greaves, JS Holland, WS Moriarty-Schieven, G Jenness, T Dent, WRF Zuckerman, B McCarthy, C Webb, RA Butner, HM Gear, WK Walker, HJ
Citation: Js. Greaves et al., A dust ring around epsilon Eridani: Analog to the young solar system, ASTROPHYS J, 506(2), 1998, pp. L133-L137

Authors: Zuckerman, B Reid, IN
Citation: B. Zuckerman et In. Reid, Metals in cool DA white dwarfs, ASTROPHYS J, 505(2), 1998, pp. L143-L146
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