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Authors: Mok, F Zhou, G Psaltis, D
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Authors: Zhang, Z Zhou, G Gao, XL Li, YL Liao, RA
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Authors: Wu, YG Zhang, TH Zhang, HX Zhang, XJ Deng, ZW Zhou, G
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Authors: Zhang, TH Wu, YG Zhang, HX Deng, ZW Zhou, G Liang, H Ma, FR Zhang, XJ Wang, XY
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Authors: Zhou, G Zhang, YM Liu, W
Citation: G. Zhou et al., Optical fiber interconnection for the scalable parallel computing system, P IEEE, 88(6), 2000, pp. 856-863

Authors: Ono, SJ Zhou, G Tai, AKF Inaba, M Kinoshita, K Honjo, T
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Authors: Hu, JQ Lu, QY Tang, KB Yu, SH Qi, YT Zhou, G Liu, XM
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Authors: Zhou, G Greaves, LJ
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Authors: Zhou, SM Zhou, G Zhang, YH
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Authors: Zhou, G Chan, C Gellman, AJ
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Authors: Keshava, C Keshava, N Zhou, G Whong, WZ Ong, TM
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Authors: Hu, JQ Lu, QY Tang, KB Qian, YT Zhou, G Liu, XM
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Authors: Buelow, MT Zhou, G Gellman, AJ Immaraporn, B
Citation: Mt. Buelow et al., The transition state for metal-catalyzed dehalogenation, CATAL LETT, 59(1), 1999, pp. 9-13
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