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Authors: Lin, ZW Neamati, N Zhao, H Kiryu, Y Turpin, JA Aberham, C Strebel, K Kohn, K Witvrouw, M Pannecouque, C Debyser, Z De Clercq, E Rice, WG Pommier, Y Burke, TR
Citation: Zw. Lin et al., Chicoric acid analogues as HIV-1 integrase inhibitors, J MED CHEM, 42(8), 1999, pp. 1401-1414

Authors: Greenwald, RB Pendri, A Conover, CD Zhao, H Choe, YH Martinez, A Shum, K Guan, SY
Citation: Rb. Greenwald et al., Drug delivery systems employing 1,4-or 1,6-elimination: Poly(ethylene glycol) prodrugs of amine-containing compounds, J MED CHEM, 42(18), 1999, pp. 3657-3667

Authors: Zhao, H Wiederkehr, MR Fan, LZ Collazo, RL Crowder, LA Moe, OW
Citation: H. Zhao et al., Acute inhibition of Na/H exchanger NHE-3 by cAMP - Role of protein kinase A and NHE-3 phosphoserines 552 and 605, J BIOL CHEM, 274(7), 1999, pp. 3978-3987

Authors: Tsai, TK Hsueh, MC Zhao, H Kalbarczyk, Z Iyer, RK
Citation: Tk. Tsai et al., Stress-based and path-based fault injection, IEEE COMPUT, 48(11), 1999, pp. 1183-1201

Authors: Ichiyama, T Zhao, H Catania, A Furukawa, S Lipton, JM
Citation: T. Ichiyama et al., alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone inhibits NF-kappa B activation and I kappa B alpha degradation in human glioma cells and in experimental brain inflammation, EXP NEUROL, 157(2), 1999, pp. 359-365

Authors: Asai, S Zhao, H Yamashita, A Jike, T Kunimatsu, T Nagata, T Kohno, T Ishikawa, K
Citation: S. Asai et al., Nicergoline enhances glutamate re-uptake and protects against brain damagein rat global brain ischemia, EUR J PHARM, 383(3), 1999, pp. 267-274

Authors: Kunimatsu, T Asai, S Kanematsu, K Zhao, H Kohno, T Misaki, T Ishikawa, K
Citation: T. Kunimatsu et al., Transient in vivo membrane depolarization and glutamate release before anoxic depolarization in rat striatum, BRAIN RES, 831(1-2), 1999, pp. 273-282

Authors: Zhao, H
Citation: H. Zhao, A radial velocity survey for large Magellanic Cloud microlensed sources, ASTROPHYS J, 526(1), 1999, pp. 141-146

Authors: Zhao, H Pakstis, AJ Kidd, JR Kidd, KK
Citation: H. Zhao et al., Assessing linkage disequilibrium in a complex genetic system. I. Overall deviation from random association, ANN HUM GEN, 63, 1999, pp. 167-179

Authors: Wood, CA Zhao, H Cheng, YB
Citation: Ca. Wood et al., Microstructural development of calcium alpha-SiAlON ceramics with elongated grains, J AM CERAM, 82(2), 1999, pp. 421-428

Authors: Zhao, H Sadhal, SS Trinh, EH
Citation: H. Zhao et al., Internal circulation in a drop in an acoustic field, J ACOUST SO, 106(6), 1999, pp. 3289-3295

Authors: Zhao, H Sadhal, SS Trinh, EH
Citation: H. Zhao et al., Singular perturbation analysis of an acoustically levitated sphere: Flow about the velocity node, J ACOUST SO, 106(2), 1999, pp. 589-595

Authors: Asai, S Zhao, H Takahashi, Y Nagata, T Kohno, T Ishikawa, K
Citation: S. Asai et al., Minimal effect of brain temperature changes on glutamate release in rat following severe global brain ischemia: a dialysis electrode study, NEUROREPORT, 9(17), 1998, pp. 3863-3868

Authors: Ladommatos, N Abdelhalim, SM Zhao, H
Citation: N. Ladommatos et al., Effects of exhaust gas recirculation temperature on diesel engine combustion and emissions, P I MEC E D, 212(D6), 1998, pp. 479-500

Authors: Zhao, H Gary, G
Citation: H. Zhao et G. Gary, Crushing behaviour of aluminium honeycombs under impact loading, INT J IMPAC, 21(10), 1998, pp. 827-836

Authors: Osinski, JS Lu, B Zhao, H Schmitt, B
Citation: Js. Osinski et al., High power continuous-wave operation of 630 nm-band laser diode arrays, ELECTR LETT, 34(24), 1998, pp. 2336-2337
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