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Authors: Yeung, KS Meanwell, NA Qiu, ZL Hernandez, D Zhang, S McPhee, F Weinheimer, S Clark, JM Janc, JW
Citation: Ks. Yeung et al., Structure-activity relationship studies of a bisbenzimidazole-based, Zn2+-dependent inhibitor of HCVNS3 serine protease, BIOORG MED, 11(17), 2001, pp. 2355-2359

Authors: Liss, GM Tarlo, SM MacFarlane, Y Yeung, KS
Citation: Gm. Liss et al., Hospitalization among workers compensated for occupational asthma, AM J R CRIT, 162(1), 2000, pp. 112-118

Authors: Yeung, KS Lee, KH
Citation: Ks. Yeung et Kh. Lee, A universal design chart for linear time-invariant continuous-time and discrete-time compensators, IEEE EDUCAT, 43(3), 2000, pp. 309-315

Authors: Liss, GM Tarlo, SM Banks, D Yeung, KS Schweigert, M
Citation: Gm. Liss et al., Preliminary report of mortality among workers compensated for work-relatedasthma, AM J IND M, 35(5), 1999, pp. 465-471

Authors: Yeung, KS Thornton, PH
Citation: Ks. Yeung et Ph. Thornton, Transient thermal analysis of spot welding electrodes, WELDING J, 78(1), 1999, pp. 1S-6S
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