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Authors: Pendyala, RM Yamamoto, T Kitamura, R
Citation: Rm. Pendyala et al., On the formulation of time-space prisms to model constraints on personal activity-travel engagement, TRANSPORTAT, 29(1), 2002, pp. 73-94

Authors: Yamamoto, T Shiraishi, K Abla, M Yamaguchi, I Groenendaal, L
Citation: T. Yamamoto et al., Neutral poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene-2,5-diyl)s: preparation by organometallic polycondensation and their unique p-doping behavior, POLYMER, 43(3), 2002, pp. 711-719

Authors: Irisa, T Yamamoto, T Miyanishi, K Yamashita, A Iwamoto, Y Sugioka, Y Sueishi, K
Citation: T. Irisa et al., Osteonecrosis induced by a single administration of low-dose lipopolysaccharide in rabbits, BONE, 28(6), 2001, pp. 641-649

Authors: Okino, H Ida, T Ebihara, H Yamada, H Matsushige, K Yamamoto, T
Citation: H. Okino et al., Domain orientation imaging of PbTiO3 single crystals by vertical and lateral piezoresponse force microscopy, JPN J A P 1, 40(9B), 2001, pp. 5828-5832

Authors: Yamamoto, T
Citation: T. Yamamoto, Spin temperature model for distant electron nuclear double resonance effect, JPN J A P 1, 40(11), 2001, pp. 6375-6378

Authors: Yamamoto, T Ono, M Ando, M Goto, N Ishii, N Yasaka, Y
Citation: T. Yamamoto et al., Near-field distribution of radial line slot antenna for surface-wave-coupled plasma generation, JPN J A P 1, 40(1), 2001, pp. 380-387

Authors: Sugino, T Hori, T Kimura, C Yamamoto, T
Citation: T. Sugino et al., Formation of rough GaN surface by hydrogen plasma treatment and its application to field emitter, JPN J A P 2, 40(3B), 2001, pp. L245-L248

Authors: Kawatsuki, N Takatsuka, H Yamamoto, T
Citation: N. Kawatsuki et al., Thermally stable photoalignment layer of a novel photo-crosslinkable polymethacrylate for liquid crystal display, JPN J A P 2, 40(3A), 2001, pp. L209-L211

Authors: Kokubo, H Kuroda, S Sasaki, S Yamamoto, T
Citation: H. Kokubo et al., Electrochemical deposition of regioregular head-to-tail poly(3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl) and characterization of the obtained film, JPN J A P 2, 40(3A), 2001, pp. L228-L230

Authors: Matsui, H Hayashi, K Mukai, T Ohtani, S Kokubun, S Yamamoto, T Matsumoto, H Tsuruda, K
Citation: H. Matsui et al., Broadband transverse waves below 1 Hz in the afternoon sector of the magnetosphere, J GEO R-S P, 106(A9), 2001, pp. 18873-18882

Authors: Kojima, H Ashour-Abdalla, M Paterson, WR Matsumoto, H Frank, LA Anderson, RR Richard, RL Kokubun, S Yamamoto, T
Citation: H. Kojima et al., Generation of the narrowband electrostatic noise in the geomagnetic tail: Geotail observations, J GEO R-S P, 106(A5), 2001, pp. 8483-8488

Authors: Lee, CH Yamamoto, T
Citation: Ch. Lee et T. Yamamoto, Synthesis of liquid crystals with bent-rod structure: 4-methylthiazole derivatives with nematic phase, MOLEC CRYST, 369, 2001, pp. 95-102

Authors: Kawatsuki, N Hayashi, M Yamamoto, T
Citation: N. Kawatsuki et al., Alignment of photo-cross-linkable copolymer liquid crystals induced by linearly polarized UV irradiation and thermal treatment, MOLEC CRYST, 368, 2001, pp. 4191-4198

Authors: Kawatsuki, N Kawakami, T Yamamoto, T
Citation: N. Kawatsuki et al., Photoalignment control of liquid crystals on photo-cross-linkable methacrylate copolymer films comprising 4-(4 '-methoxycinnamoyloxy)biphenyl side-group, MOLEC CRYST, 368, 2001, pp. 4293-4301

Authors: Hanasaki, T Kawashima, J Morishita, N Yamamoto, T
Citation: T. Hanasaki et al., Liquid crystallinity of non-symmetrical dimeric compounds (I) synthesis of4-(4 '-benzyloxy)biphenyl cholesteryl alkanedioates and their phase transition behavior, MOLEC CRYST, 365, 2001, pp. 971-978

Authors: Lee, CH Yamamoto, T
Citation: Ch. Lee et T. Yamamoto, Synthesis of liquid crystals with bent-rod structure: Mesogenic thiazole derivatives with long alkoxyl chains, MOLEC CRYST, 363, 2001, pp. 77-84

Authors: Honda, K Nakanishi, F Lee, SA Mikami, M Tsuzuki, S Yamamoto, T Feeder, N
Citation: K. Honda et al., Investigation of the origin of the topochemical arrangement in photoreactive 2-benzyl-5-benzylidenecyclopentanone crystal, MOLEC CRYST, 356, 2001, pp. 413-422

Authors: Maruyama, W Kato, Y Yamamoto, T Oh-hashi, K Hashizume, Y Naoi, M
Citation: W. Maruyama et al., Peroxynitrite induces neuronal cell death in aging and age-associated disorders: A review, J AM AGING, 24(1), 2001, pp. 11-18

Authors: Zhang, HM Ou, ZL Yamamoto, T
Citation: Hm. Zhang et al., Anisodamine inhibits shiga toxin type 2-mediated tumor necrosis factor-alpha production in vitro and in vivo, EXP BIOL ME, 226(6), 2001, pp. 597-604

Authors: Asanuma, T Ohkura, K Yamamoto, T Kon, Y Shimokawa, S Kuwabara, M
Citation: T. Asanuma et al., Three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging of lung and liver tumors in mice by use of transversal multislice magnetic resonance images, COMPAR MED, 51(2), 2001, pp. 138-144

Authors: Saito, T Tanaka, T Tokuriki, M Shibamori, Y Yamamoto, T Noda, I Ohtsubo, T Saito, H
Citation: T. Saito et al., Recent outcome of tympanoplasty in the elderly, OTOL NEURO, 22(2), 2001, pp. 153-157

Authors: Yamamoto, T Tanaka, T Matsuyama, T Funabiki, T Yoshida, S
Citation: T. Yamamoto et al., Alumina-supported rare-earth oxides characterized by acid-catalyzed reactions and spectroscopic methods, J PHYS CH B, 105(9), 2001, pp. 1908-1916

Authors: Yamamoto, T Ohashi, A Yoneyama, S Hasegawa, M Tsutsumi, O Kanazawa, A Shiono, T Ikeda, T
Citation: T. Yamamoto et al., Phase-type gratings formed by photochemical phase transition of polymer azobenzene liquid crystal. 2. Rapid switching of diffraction beams in thin films, J PHYS CH B, 105(12), 2001, pp. 2308-2313

Authors: Miyanishi, K Yamamoto, T Irisa, T Yamashita, A Jingushi, S Noguchi, Y Iwamoto, Y
Citation: K. Miyanishi et al., A high low-density lipoprotein cholesterol to high-density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio as a potential risk factor for corticosteroid-induced osteonecrosis in rabbits, RHEUMATOLOG, 40(2), 2001, pp. 196-201

Authors: Weinert, CM Berger, J Feiste, U Hilliger, E Konrad, B Kroh, M Ludwig, R Petermann, K Schmidt, C Schubert, C Weber, HG Yamamoto, T
Citation: Cm. Weinert et al., High bit rate OTDM-transmission on standard fibre, AEU-INT J E, 55(5), 2001, pp. 349-353
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