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Authors: Lu, CW Yamaguchi, A Inokuchi, S
Citation: Cw. Lu et al., 3D measurement based on intensity-phase analysis of intensity modulated moire, ELEC C JP 3, 85(1), 2002, pp. 71-80

Authors: Tamura, S Kataoka, H Matsui, Y Shionoya, Y Ohno, K Michi, KI Takahashi, K Yamaguchi, A
Citation: S. Tamura et al., The effects of transplantation of osteoblastic cells with bone morphogenetic protein (BMP)/carrier complex on bone repair, BONE, 29(2), 2001, pp. 169-175

Authors: Juodkazis, S Yamaguchi, A Ishii, H Matsuo, S Takagi, H Misawa, H
Citation: S. Juodkazis et al., Photo-electrochemical deposition of platinum on TiO2 with resolution of twenty nanometers using a mask elaborated with electron-beam lithography, JPN J A P 1, 40(6A), 2001, pp. 4246-4251

Authors: Kato, M Yone, T Yamaguchi, A Suzuki, S Muramatsu, E Taniguchi, S Inoue, A
Citation: M. Kato et al., Physical characteristics and format of digital versatile disc re-recordable, JPN J A P 1, 40(3B), 2001, pp. 1803-1806

Authors: Takagi, N Fischer, P Tsunashima, S Kumazawa, M Ishida, H Yamaguchi, A Noguchi, H Kume, M
Citation: N. Takagi et al., Observation of thermomagnetically recorded magnetic domains in TbFeCo films with soft X-ray microscopy, JPN J A P 2, 40(4B), 2001, pp. L380-L382

Authors: Onda, K Tanabe, K Noguchi, H Wada, A Shido, T Yamaguchi, A Iwasawa, Y
Citation: K. Onda et al., Studies of the surface deuterioxyl group and adsorbed D2O on gamma-Al2O3 using picosecond infrared pump-probe spectroscopy, J PHYS CH B, 105(46), 2001, pp. 11456-11461

Authors: Takamuku, T Yamaguchi, A Matsuo, D Tabata, M Yamaguchi, T Otomo, T Adachi, T
Citation: T. Takamuku et al., NaCl-induced phase separation of 1,4-dioxane-water mixtures studied by large-angle X-ray scattering and small-angle neutron scattering techniques, J PHYS CH B, 105(41), 2001, pp. 10101-10110

Authors: Takamuku, T Yamaguchi, A Matsuo, D Tabata, M Kumamoto, M Nishimoto, J Yoshida, K Yamaguchi, T Nagao, M Otomo, T Adachi, T
Citation: T. Takamuku et al., Large-angle X-ray scattering and small-angle neutron scattering study on phase separation of acetonitrile-water mixtures by addition of NaCl, J PHYS CH B, 105(26), 2001, pp. 6236-6245

Authors: Inoue, K Yamaguchi, A Wada, M Yoshimura, Y Makino, T Nakazawa, H
Citation: K. Inoue et al., Quantitative detection of bisphenol A and bisphenol A diglycidyl ether metabolites in human plasma by liquid chromatography-electrospray mass spectrometry, J CHROMAT B, 765(2), 2001, pp. 121-126

Authors: Watanabe, T Yamamoto, H Inoue, K Yamaguchi, A Yoshimura, Y Kato, K Nakazawa, H Kuroda, N Nakashima, K
Citation: T. Watanabe et al., Development of sensitive high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection using 4-(4,5-diphenyl-1H-imidazol-2-yl)-benzoyl chloride as a labeling reagent for determination of bisphenol A in plasma samples, J CHROMAT B, 762(1), 2001, pp. 1-7

Authors: Horita, K Yamaguchi, A Hirose, K Ishida, M Noriki, S Imamura, Y Fukuda, M
Citation: K. Horita et al., Prognostic factors affecting disease-free survival rate following surgicalresection of primary breast cancer, EUR J HIST, 45(1), 2001, pp. 73-84

Authors: Woodburn, KW Rodriguez, S Robbins, RC Kessel, D Yamaguchi, A
Citation: Kw. Woodburn et al., Photodynamic therapy using motexafin lutetium in allograft coronary arterydisease, J PORPHYR P, 5(2), 2001, pp. 130

Authors: Tamatani, M Matsuyama, T Yamaguchi, A Mitsuda, N Tsukamoto, Y Taniguchi, M Che, YH Ozawa, K Hori, O Nishimura, H Yamashita, A Okabe, M Yanagi, H Stern, DM Ogawa, S Tohyama, M
Citation: M. Tamatani et al., ORP150 protects against hypoxia/ischemia-induced neuronal death, NAT MED, 7(3), 2001, pp. 317-323

Authors: Ohtaki, N Yamaguchi, A Goi, T Fukaya, T Takeuchi, K Katayama, K Hirose, K Urano, T
Citation: N. Ohtaki et al., Somatic alterations of the DPC4 and Madr2 genes in colorectal cancers and relationship to metastasis, INT J ONCOL, 18(2), 2001, pp. 265-270

Authors: Yamaguchi, A Suzuki, A Shido, T Inada, Y Asakura, K Nomura, M Iwasawa, Y
Citation: A. Yamaguchi et al., Energy-dispersive XAFS study on the decarbonylation process of Mo(CO)(6) in NaY zeolite, CATAL LETT, 71(3-4), 2001, pp. 203-208

Authors: Yamaguchi, A Awaga, K
Citation: A. Yamaguchi et K. Awaga, Inner- and outer-sphere magnetic moments in the cobalt-quinone valence tautomeric system, J MAT CHEM, 11(9), 2001, pp. 2142-2145

Authors: Tamai, S Kamada, J Goto, K Yamaguchi, A
Citation: S. Tamai et al., Preparation and properties of novel aromatic polyimides from 5,7-diamino-1,1,4,6-tetramethylindan and aromatic tetracarboxylic dianhydrides, HIGH PERF P, 13(3), 2001, pp. 173-182

Authors: Sasaya, T Yamaguchi, A Isogai, M Harada, T Kaneoka, Y Suzuki, M
Citation: T. Sasaya et al., Supravesical hernia: CT diagnosis, ABDOM IMAG, 26(1), 2001, pp. 89-91

Authors: Kawahito, K Adachi, H Yamaguchi, A Ino, T
Citation: K. Kawahito et al., Long-term surgical outcomes following intraluminal sutureless graft insertion for type A aortic dissection, SURG TODAY, 31(10), 2001, pp. 866-871

Authors: Sato, Y Kakihana, M Petrykin, V Osada, M Yasuoka, H Yamaguchi, A Tanaka, Y
Citation: Y. Sato et al., Synthesis of high-purity (CaxLa1.00-x)(Ba1.75-xLa0.25+x)Cu3Oz tetragonal superconductor by an aqueous solution technique using citric acid, PHYSICA C, 357, 2001, pp. 260-264

Authors: Nakajima, H Furui, S Yamaguchi, A
Citation: H. Nakajima et al., Numerical studies of confinement in the lattice Landau gauge, NUCL PH B-P, 94, 2001, pp. 558-561

Authors: Yamashita, H Yamaguchi, A
Citation: H. Yamashita et A. Yamaguchi, Preparation and properties of AlON-SiAlON composites, J CERAM S J, 109(5), 2001, pp. 434-439

Authors: Yamashita, H Yamaguchi, A
Citation: H. Yamashita et A. Yamaguchi, Preparation and properties of aluminum oxynitride (gamma-AlON), J CERAM S J, 109(4), 2001, pp. 310-314

Authors: Yamashita, H Yamaguchi, A
Citation: H. Yamashita et A. Yamaguchi, Oxidation of aluminum oxynitride-boron nitride (AlON-BN) composite prepared by reaction sintering, J CERAM S J, 109(2), 2001, pp. 94-99

Authors: Faghihi-Sani, MA Yamaguchi, A
Citation: Ma. Faghihi-sani et A. Yamaguchi, Formation of spinel-carbon composite clinker, J CERAM S J, 109(10), 2001, pp. 851-857
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