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Authors: Wu, XL Chen, GN
Citation: Xl. Wu et Gn. Chen, Microstructure and wear resistance of in situ TiCp composite coating by laser cladding, J MAT SCI T, 15(3), 1999, pp. 233-238

Authors: Jiao, D Xu, SJ Wu, XL
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Authors: Wu, XL Du, YW
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Authors: Wu, XL Zhou, P Qian, Y
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Authors: Wu, XL Chen, GN
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Authors: Wu, XL
Citation: Xl. Wu, Thermodynamics of the displacive mechanism of alpha(1) transformation in abeta ' copper-zinc alloy, MATER T JIM, 40(10), 1999, pp. 1098-1101

Authors: Wu, XL Jing, YQ Wu, SQ
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Authors: Wu, XL
Citation: Xl. Wu, Microstructural characteristics of TiC-reinforced composite coating produced by laser syntheses, J MATER RES, 14(7), 1999, pp. 2704-2707

Authors: Gao, T Tong, S Wu, XL Bao, XM Siu, GG
Citation: T. Gao et al., Infrared photoluminescence from Ge+-implanted SiO2 film, PHYS LETT A, 253(3-4), 1999, pp. 234-238

Authors: Kong, JL Sun, WL Wu, XL Deng, JQ Lu, ZQ Lvov, Y Desamero, RZB Frank, HA Rusling, JF
Citation: Jl. Kong et al., Fast reversible electron transfer for photosynthetic reaction center from wild type Rhodobacter sphaeroides re-constituted in polycation sandwiched monolayer film, BIOELECTR B, 48(1), 1999, pp. 101-107

Authors: Kong, JL Mbindyo, JN Wu, XL Zhou, JX Rusling, JF
Citation: Jl. Kong et al., Electrochemical generation of ferrylmyoglobin during oxidation of styrene with films of DNA and a poly (ester sulfonic acid) ionomer, BIOPHYS CH, 79(3), 1999, pp. 219-229

Authors: Wu, XL
Citation: Xl. Wu, In situ formation by laser cladding of a TiC composite coating with a gradient distribution, SURF COAT, 115(2-3), 1999, pp. 111-115

Authors: Wu, XL
Citation: Xl. Wu, Rapidly solidified nonequilibrium microstructure and phase transformation of laser-synthesized iron-based alloy coating, SURF COAT, 115(2-3), 1999, pp. 153-162

Authors: Cao, YM Abbas, J Wu, XL Dooley, J van Amburg, AL
Citation: Ym. Cao et al., Anti-Yo positive paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration associated with ovarian carcinoma: Case report and review of the literature, GYNECOL ONC, 75(1), 1999, pp. 178-183

Authors: Cumpston, BH Ananthavel, SP Barlow, S Dyer, DL Ehrlich, JE Erskine, LL Heikal, AA Kuebler, SM Lee, IYS McCord-Maughon, D Qin, JQ Rockel, H Rumi, M Wu, XL Marder, SR Perry, JW
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Authors: Wu, XL Chen, GN
Citation: Xl. Wu et Gn. Chen, Microstructural features of an iron-based laser coating, J MATER SCI, 34(14), 1999, pp. 3355-3361

Authors: Wu, XL Gu, Y Siu, GG Fu, E Tang, N Gao, T Bao, XM
Citation: Xl. Wu et al., Orange-green emission from porous Si coated with Ge films: The role of Ge-related defects, J APPL PHYS, 86(1), 1999, pp. 707-709

Authors: Yang, QB Wu, XL
Citation: Qb. Yang et Xl. Wu, Factors influencing properties of phosphate cement-based binder for rapid repair of concrete, CEM CONCR R, 29(3), 1999, pp. 389-396

Authors: Saxena, AK Saxena, P Wu, XL Obrenovich, M Weiss, MF Monnier, VM
Citation: Ak. Saxena et al., Protein aging by carboxymethylation of lysines generates sites for divalent metal and redox active copper binding: Relevance to diseases of glycoxidative stress, BIOC BIOP R, 260(2), 1999, pp. 332-338

Authors: Wu, XL Siu, GG Gu, Y Tang, N Gao, T Bao, XM
Citation: Xl. Wu et al., On the origin of strong visible photoluminescence in a Ge/porous Si structure, APPL PHYS L, 74(6), 1999, pp. 827-829

Authors: Wu, XL Siu, GG
Citation: Xl. Wu et Gg. Siu, Light emission properties of crystalline SiO2 coated with LiNbO3/LiTaO3 multilayers, APPL PHYS L, 74(22), 1999, pp. 3278-3280

Authors: Wu, XL Gao, T Siu, GG Tong, S Bao, XM
Citation: Xl. Wu et al., Defect-related infrared photoluminescence in Ge+-implanted SiO2 films, APPL PHYS L, 74(17), 1999, pp. 2420-2422

Authors: Siu, GG Wu, XL Gu, Y Bao, XM
Citation: Gg. Siu et al., Ultraviolet and blue emission from crystalline SiO2 coated with LiNbO3 andLiTaO3, APPL PHYS L, 74(13), 1999, pp. 1812-1814

Authors: Wu, XL Bao, P
Citation: Xl. Wu et P. Bao, An algorithmic study on context modelling for lossless image compression, CAN J EL C, 23(1-2), 1998, pp. 49-53

Authors: Wu, XL Chen, GN
Citation: Xl. Wu et Gn. Chen, Microstructural characteristics and carbide transformation of laser-cladded Fe-Cr-W-Ni-C coatings during high-temperature tempering, J MAT SCI L, 17(21), 1998, pp. 1849-1852
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