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Authors: Shen, JK Wu, XL Bao, XM Yuan, RK Zou, JP Tan, C
Citation: Jk. Shen et al., Strong violet emission from Ge-SiO2 co-sputtered films annealed in O-2 atmosphere, PHYS LETT A, 273(3), 2000, pp. 208-211

Authors: Wu, XL Hong, YS
Citation: Xl. Wu et Ys. Hong, Microstructure of Zr-alloyed coating using pulsed laser, SURF COAT, 132(2-3), 2000, pp. 194-197

Authors: Wu, XL Xiong, SJ Fan, DL Gu, Y Bao, XM Siu, GG Stokes, MJ
Citation: Xl. Wu et al., Stabilized electronic state and its luminescence at the surface of oxygen-passivated porous silicon, PHYS REV B, 62(12), 2000, pp. R7759-R7762

Authors: Liang, YM Luo, SJ Liu, CM Wu, XL Ma, YX
Citation: Ym. Liang et al., Stereoselective Heck-type cross-coupling reactions of iodine heterocyclic compounds with olefins, TETRAHEDRON, 56(19), 2000, pp. 2961-2965

Authors: Rivera, M Wu, XL
Citation: M. Rivera et Xl. Wu, External dissipation in driven two-dimensional turbulence, PHYS REV L, 85(5), 2000, pp. 976-979

Authors: Kellay, H Bruneau, CH Wu, XL
Citation: H. Kellay et al., Probability density functions of the enstrophy flux in two dimensional grid turbulence, PHYS REV L, 84(8), 2000, pp. 1696-1699

Authors: Wu, XL Libchaber, A
Citation: Xl. Wu et A. Libchaber, Particle diffusion in a quasi-two-dimensional bacterial bath, PHYS REV L, 84(13), 2000, pp. 3017-3020

Authors: Liu, CM Guo, YL Wu, XL Liang, YM Ma, YX
Citation: Cm. Liu et al., A novel synthesis of 1,1 '-unsymmetrical disubstituted heteroarylferrocene, J ORGMET CH, 612(1-2), 2000, pp. 172-175

Authors: Liu, CM Chen, BH Liu, WY Wu, XL Ma, YX
Citation: Cm. Liu et al., Conversion of tributylstannylferrocene to a variety of heteroaryl ferrocenes, J ORGMET CH, 598(2), 2000, pp. 348-352

Authors: Siu, GG Wu, XL Gu, Y Bao, XM
Citation: Gg. Siu et al., Enhanced and stable photoluminescence from partially oxidized porous Si coated with Si thin films, J APPL PHYS, 88(6), 2000, pp. 3781-3783

Authors: Ding, H Wu, XL Roncari, L Lau, N Shannon, P Nagy, A Guha, A
Citation: H. Ding et al., Expression and regulation of neuropilin-1 in human astrocytomas, INT J CANC, 88(4), 2000, pp. 584-592

Authors: Wu, XL Pitsch, S
Citation: Xl. Wu et S. Pitsch, Synthesis of 5 '-C- and 2 '-O-(bromoalkyl)-substituted ribonucleoside phosphoramidites for the post-synthetic functionalization of oligonucleotides on solid support, HELV CHIM A, 83(6), 2000, pp. 1127-1144

Authors: Yang, QB Zhu, PR Wu, XL Huang, SY
Citation: Qb. Yang et al., Properties of concrete with a new type of saponin air-entraining agent, CEM CONCR R, 30(8), 2000, pp. 1313-1317

Authors: Yang, QB Zhu, BR Zhang, SQ Wu, XL
Citation: Qb. Yang et al., Properties and applications of magnesia-phosphate cement mortar for rapid repair of concrete, CEM CONCR R, 30(11), 2000, pp. 1807-1813

Authors: Salhia, B Angelov, L Roncari, L Wu, XL Shannon, P Guha, A
Citation: B. Salhia et al., Expression of vascular endothelial growth factor by reactive astrocytes and associated neoangiogenesis, BRAIN RES, 883(1), 2000, pp. 87-97

Authors: Wu, XL Takahashi, M Chen, SG Monnier, VM
Citation: Xl. Wu et al., Cloning of amadoriase I isoenzyme from Aspergillus sp.: Evidence of FAD covalently linked to Cys342, BIOCHEM, 39(6), 2000, pp. 1515-1521

Authors: Wu, XL Nakayama, M Adamson, JW
Citation: Xl. Wu et al., Identification of five new isoforms of murine thrombopoietin mRNA, BIOC BIOP R, 276(1), 2000, pp. 137-143

Authors: Wu, XL Siu, GG Stokes, MJ Fan, DL Gu, Y Bao, XM
Citation: Xl. Wu et al., Blue-emitting beta-SiC fabricated by annealing C-60 coupled on porous silicon, APPL PHYS L, 77(9), 2000, pp. 1292-1294

Authors: Shen, JK Wu, XL Yuan, RK Tang, N Zou, JP Mei, YF Tan, C Bao, XM Siu, GG
Citation: Jk. Shen et al., Enhanced ultraviolet photoluminescence from SiO2/Ge : SiO2/SiO2 sandwichedstructure, APPL PHYS L, 77(20), 2000, pp. 3134-3136

Authors: Wei, QH Cupid, DM Wu, XL
Citation: Qh. Wei et al., Controlled assembly of two-dimensional colloidal crystals, APPL PHYS L, 77(11), 2000, pp. 1641-1643

Authors: Xiong, ZX Wu, XL
Citation: Zx. Xiong et Xl. Wu, Wavelet image coding using trellis coded space-frequency quantization, IEEE SIG PL, 6(7), 1999, pp. 158-161

Authors: Belmonte, A Goldburg, WI Kellay, H Rutgers, MA Martin, B Wu, XL
Citation: A. Belmonte et al., Velocity fluctuations in a turbulent soap film: The third moment in two dimensions, PHYS FLUIDS, 11(5), 1999, pp. 1196-1200

Authors: Wu, XL Wen, J Wong, WH
Citation: Xl. Wu et al., Conditional entropy coding of VQ indexes for image compression, IEEE IM PR, 8(8), 1999, pp. 1005-1013

Authors: Wu, XL Pitsch, S
Citation: Xl. Wu et S. Pitsch, Functionalization of the sugar moiety of oligoribonucleotides on solid support, BIOCONJ CHE, 10(6), 1999, pp. 921-924

Authors: Wu, XL Chen, GN
Citation: Xl. Wu et Gn. Chen, Nonequilibrium microstructures and phase evolutions of an iron-based laserclad coating, J MAT SCI T, 15(6), 1999, pp. 541-547
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