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Authors: Yang, ZL Li, TH Wu, XL
Citation: Zl. Yang et al., Revision of Amanita collections made from Hainan, Southern China, FUNGAL DIV, 6, 2001, pp. 149-165

Authors: Ding, H Roncari, L Wu, XL Lau, N Shannon, P Nagy, A Guha, A
Citation: H. Ding et al., Expression and hypoxic regulation of angiopoietins in human astrocytomas, NEURO-ONCOL, 3(1), 2001, pp. 1-10

Authors: Wu, XL Conrad, R
Citation: Xl. Wu et R. Conrad, Functional and structural response of a cellulose-degrading methanogenic microbial community to multiple aeration stress at two different temperatures, ENVIRON MIC, 3(6), 2001, pp. 355-362

Authors: Gan, ZG Qin, Z Fan, HM Lei, XG Xu, YB He, JJ Liu, HY Wu, XL Guo, JS Zhou, XH Yuan, SG Jin, GM
Citation: Zg. Gan et al., A new alpha-particle-emitting isotope (259)Db, EUR PHY J A, 10(1), 2001, pp. 21-25

Authors: Sun, C Wu, XL
Citation: C. Sun et Xl. Wu, Automatic segmentation of fiducial marks using attribute-based mathematical morphology, J ELECTR IM, 10(2), 2001, pp. 560-566

Authors: He, CY Wu, XL Yang, DF Du, BX Zhang, JS Chen, SY
Citation: Cy. He et al., Isolation and characterization of a new defense gene from soybean, SCI CHINA C, 44(4), 2001, pp. 409-420

Authors: Zhang, JS Xie, C Wu, XL Du, BX Chen, SY
Citation: Js. Zhang et al., Tobacco two-component gene NTHK2, CHIN SCI B, 46(7), 2001, pp. 574-577

Authors: Wei, YG Wang, XZ Wu, XL Bai, YL
Citation: Yg. Wei et al., Theoretical and experimental researches of size effect in micro-indentation test, SCI CHINA A, 44(1), 2001, pp. 74-82

Authors: Wu, JH Wu, XL Tang, N Mei, YF Bao, XM
Citation: Jh. Wu et al., Strong ultraviolet and violet photoluminescence from Si-based anodic porous alumina films, APPL PHYS A, 72(6), 2001, pp. 735-737

Authors: Her, C Wu, XL Bailey, SM Doggett, NA
Citation: C. Her et al., Mouse MutS homolog 4 is predominantly expressed in testis and interacts with MutS homolog 5, MAMM GENOME, 12(1), 2001, pp. 73-76

Authors: Ye, XD Wu, XL Zhao, H Frehner, M Nosberger, J Potrykus, I Spangenberg, G
Citation: Xd. Ye et al., Altered fructan accumulation in transgenic Lolium multiflorum plants expressing a Bacillus subtilis sacB gene, PL CELL REP, 20(3), 2001, pp. 205-212

Authors: Xu, GZ Liu, JJ Zhou, ZR Wu, XL
Citation: Gz. Xu et al., The fretting wear-resistant properties of steel with ion-sulphuration plusshop-peening and shot-peening plus ion-sulphuration duplex treatments, TRIBOL INT, 34(1), 2001, pp. 1-6

Authors: Wu, XL Hong, YS
Citation: Xl. Wu et Ys. Hong, Novel Fe70Zr10Ni6Al4Si6B4 thick metallic glass coating produced by laser cladding, MATER SCI T, 17(8), 2001, pp. 1025-1028

Authors: Wu, XL Hong, YS
Citation: Xl. Wu et Ys. Hong, Interfacial microstructure and mechanical behaviour in laser clad TiCp/Ni alloy coatings, MATER SCI T, 17(5), 2001, pp. 597-600

Authors: Wu, XL Hong, YS
Citation: Xl. Wu et Ys. Hong, Fe-based thick amorphous-alloy coating by laser cladding, SURF COAT, 141(2-3), 2001, pp. 141-144

Authors: Fan, HM Gan, ZG Qin, Z Lei, XG Xu, YB He, JJ Liu, HY Wu, XL Guo, JS Zhou, XH Yuan, SG Jin, GM
Citation: Hm. Fan et al., A new Isotope of Z=105 with mass number 259, HIGH EN P N, 25(6), 2001, pp. 602-606

Authors: Wu, XL Chin, KJ Stubner, S Conrad, R
Citation: Xl. Wu et al., Functional patterns and temperature response of cellulose-fermenting microbial cultures containing different methanogenic communities, APPL MICR B, 56(1-2), 2001, pp. 212-219

Authors: Wakida, S Chiba, A Matsuda, T Fukushi, K Nakanishi, H Wu, XL Nagai, H Kurosawa, S Takeda, S
Citation: S. Wakida et al., High-throughput characterization for organic pollutants in environmental waters using a capillary electrophoresis chip, ELECTROPHOR, 22(16), 2001, pp. 3505-3508

Authors: Wu, XL Downes, MS Goktekin, T Tendick, F
Citation: Xl. Wu et al., Adaptive nonlinear finite elements for deformable body simulation using dynamic progressive meshes, COMPUT GR F, 20(3), 2001, pp. C349-C358

Authors: Rutgers, MA Wu, XL Daniel, WB
Citation: Ma. Rutgers et al., Conducting fluid dynamics experiments with vertically falling soap films, REV SCI INS, 72(7), 2001, pp. 3025-3037

Authors: Wu, XL Levine, R Rutgers, M Kellay, H Goldburg, WI
Citation: Xl. Wu et al., Infrared technique for measuring thickness of a flowing soap film, REV SCI INS, 72(5), 2001, pp. 2467-2471

Authors: Rivera, M Wu, XL Yeung, C
Citation: M. Rivera et al., Universal distribution of centers and saddles in two-dimensional turbulence - art. no. 044501, PHYS REV L, 8704(4), 2001, pp. 4501

Authors: Wu, XL Libchaber, A
Citation: Xl. Wu et A. Libchaber, Comment on "Particle diffusion in a quasi-two-dimensional bacterial bath" - Reply, PHYS REV L, 86(3), 2001, pp. 557-557

Authors: Wu, XL
Citation: Xl. Wu, Comment on "Double diffusive convection in freely suspended soap films" - Reply, PHYS REV L, 86(18), 2001, pp. 4188-4188

Authors: Wu, XL Mei, YF Siu, GG Wong, KL Moulding, K Stokes, MJ Fu, CL Bao, XM
Citation: Xl. Wu et al., Spherical growth and surface-quasifree vibrations of Si nanocrystallites in Er-doped Si nanostructures, PHYS REV L, 86(14), 2001, pp. 3000-3003
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