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Authors: Tapponnier, P Xu, ZQ Roger, F Meyer, B Arnaud, N Wittlinger, G Yang, JS
Citation: P. Tapponnier et al., Geology - Oblique stepwise rise and growth of the Tibet plateau, SCIENCE, 294(5547), 2001, pp. 1671-1677

Authors: Shi, DN Jiang, M Ma, KY Xue, GQ Dong, YJ Poupinet, G Wittlinger, G Herquel, G
Citation: Dn. Shi et al., Crust and upper mantle tomographic structure across the Altyn fault zone using teleseismic P-waves, CH J GEO-CH, 42(3), 1999, pp. 341

Authors: Herquel, G Tapponnier, P Wittlinger, G Mei, J Danian, S
Citation: G. Herquel et al., Teleseismic shear wave splitting and lithospheric beneath and across the Altyn Tagh fault., GEOPHYS R L, 26(21), 1999, pp. 3225-3228
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