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Authors: Wirta, OR Pasternack, AI Mustonen, JT Laippala, PJ Reinikainen, PM
Citation: Or. Wirta et al., Urinary albumin excretion rate is independently related to autonomic neuropathy in type 2 diabetes mellitus - Introduction, J INTERN M, 245(4), 1999, pp. 329-335

Authors: Harmoinen, APT Kouri, TT Wirta, OR Lehtimaki, TJ Rantalaiho, V Turjanmaa, VMH Pasternack, AI
Citation: Apt. Harmoinen et al., Evaluation of plasma cystatin C as a marker for glomerular filtration ratein patients with type 2 diabetes, CLIN NEPHR, 52(6), 1999, pp. 363-370
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