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Authors: Wills, J
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Authors: Wills, J
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Authors: Peck, J Wills, J
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Authors: Oppenheim, C Wills, J
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Authors: Wills, J
Citation: J. Wills, Great expectations: Three years in the life of a European Works Council, EUR J IND R, 6(1), 2000, pp. 85-107

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Authors: Wills, J
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Authors: Wills, J
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Authors: Wills, J Cumbers, A Berndt, C
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Authors: Arko, AJ Joyce, JJ Morales, L Wills, J Lashley, J Wastin, F Rebizant, J
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Authors: Peck, J Wills, J
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Authors: Peck, J Wills, J
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Authors: Wills, J
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Authors: Wills, J
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Authors: Erdman, JW Wills, J Finley, D
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Authors: Wills, J
Citation: J. Wills, Empire's nature: Mark Catesby's new world vision, J AM STUD, 34, 2000, pp. 532-533

Authors: Wills, J
Citation: J. Wills, Provincial lives: middle-class experience in the antebellum Middle West, ECON HIST R, 53(3), 2000, pp. 599-600

Authors: Wills, J
Citation: J. Wills, The Atomic West., ENVIRON HIS, 4(2), 1999, pp. 271-271
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