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Authors: Pitois, C Wiesmann, D Lindgren, M Hult, A
Citation: C. Pitois et al., Functionalized fluorinated hyperbranched polymers for optical waveguide applications, ADVAN MATER, 13(19), 2001, pp. 1483

Authors: Pitois, C Hult, A Wiesmann, D
Citation: C. Pitois et al., Absorption and scattering in low-loss polymer optical waveguides, J OPT SOC B, 18(7), 2001, pp. 908-912

Authors: David, C Wiesmann, D Germann, R Horst, F Offrein, BJ Beyeler, R Salemink, HWM Bona, GL
Citation: C. David et al., Apodised Bragg gratings in planar waveguides for add-drop filters, MICROEL ENG, 57-8, 2001, pp. 713-719

Authors: Wiesmann, D David, C Germann, R Erni, D Bona, GL
Citation: D. Wiesmann et al., Apodized surface-corrugated gratings with varying duty cycles, IEEE PHOTON, 12(6), 2000, pp. 639-641

Authors: Spuhler, MM Wiesmann, D Freuler, P Diergardt, M
Citation: Mm. Spuhler et al., Direct computation of higher-order propagation modes using the imaginary-distance beam propagation method, OPT QUANT E, 31(9-10), 1999, pp. 751-761

Authors: Pitois, C Vukmirovic, S Hult, A Wiesmann, D Robertsson, M
Citation: C. Pitois et al., Low-loss passive optical waveguides based on photosensitive poly(pentafluorostyrene-co-glycidyl methacrylate), MACROMOLEC, 32(9), 1999, pp. 2903-2909
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