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Authors: Wagner, WE Smeds, MR Wiegmann, DD
Citation: We. Wagner et al., Experience affects female responses to male song in the variable field cricket Gryllus lineaticeps (Orthoptera, Gryllidae), ETHOLOGY, 107(9), 2001, pp. 769-776

Authors: Wiegmann, DD Mukhopadhyay, K Real, LA
Citation: Dd. Wiegmann et al., Sequential search and the influence of male quality on female mating decisions, J MATH BIOL, 39(3), 1999, pp. 193-216

Authors: Wiegmann, DD
Citation: Dd. Wiegmann, Search behaviour and mate choice by female field crickets, Gryllus integer, ANIM BEHAV, 58, 1999, pp. 1293-1298

Authors: Shafir, S Wiegmann, DD Smith, BH Real, LA
Citation: S. Shafir et al., Risk-sensitive foraging: choice behaviour of honeybees in response to variability in volume of reward, ANIM BEHAV, 57, 1999, pp. 1055-1061
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