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Authors: Falkenbach, A Blumenthal-Hausmann, E Wendt, T Mur, E Herold, M
Citation: A. Falkenbach et al., Prospective controlled evaluation of the influence of an excursion to a health resort on medical students' opinion about chances for outpatient rehabilitation at a health resort, FORSCH KOM, 8(5), 2001, pp. 295-298

Authors: Kislinger, T Tanji, N Wendt, T Qu, W Lu, Y Ferran, LJ Taguchi, A Olson, K Bucciarelli, L Goova, M Hofmann, MA Cataldegirmen, G D'Agati, V Pischetsrieder, M Stern, DM Schmidt, AM
Citation: T. Kislinger et al., Receptor for advanced glycation end products mediates inflammation and enhanced expression of tissue factor in vasculature of diabetic apolipoproteinE-null mice, ART THROM V, 21(6), 2001, pp. 905-910

Authors: Wendt, T Taylor, D Trybus, KM Taylor, K
Citation: T. Wendt et al., Three-dimensional image reconstruction of dephosphorylated smooth muscle heavy meromyosin reveals asymmetry in the interaction between myosin heads and placement of subfragment 2, P NAS US, 98(8), 2001, pp. 4361-4366

Authors: Griffiths, G Wepf, R Wendt, T Locker, JK Cyrklaff, M Roos, N
Citation: G. Griffiths et al., Structure and assembly of intracellular mature vaccinia virus: Isolated-particle analysis, J VIROLOGY, 75(22), 2001, pp. 11034-11055

Authors: Hirsch, J Wendt, T Kuhly, P Schaffartzik, W
Citation: J. Hirsch et al., Point-of-care testing - Measurement of coagulation, ANAESTHESIA, 56(8), 2001, pp. 760-763

Authors: Wendt, T Canela, MBF De Faria, APG Rios, RI
Citation: T. Wendt et al., Reproductive biology and natural hybridization between two endemic speciesof Pitcairnia (Bromeliaceae), AM J BOTANY, 88(10), 2001, pp. 1760-1767

Authors: Wendt, T Canela, MBF Morrey-Jones, JE Henriques, AB Rios, RI
Citation: T. Wendt et al., Recognition of Pitcairnia corcovadensis (Bromeliaceae) at the species level, SYST BOT, 25(3), 2000, pp. 389-398

Authors: Sommer, M Eismann, U Deuther-Conrad, W Wendt, T Mohorn, T Funfstuck, R Stein, G
Citation: M. Sommer et al., Time course of cytokine mRNA expression in kidneys of rats with unilateralureteral obstruction, NEPHRON, 84(1), 2000, pp. 49-57

Authors: Schmucking, M Wendt, T
Citation: M. Schmucking et T. Wendt, Concepts of multimodal therapy in locally advanced esophageal carcinoma - Authors' reply, ONKOLOGIE, 22(2), 1999, pp. 151-152

Authors: Wendt, T
Citation: T. Wendt, Outpatient phase II cardiac rehabilitation at the hospital: The Frankfurt model, HERZ, 24, 1999, pp. 24-31

Authors: Wendt, T Bentjen, A Gilbert, K Janssen, T Khatibnia, U Seyfert, H Siegert, C
Citation: T. Wendt et al., Outpatient rehabilitation program after cardiac event at a rehabilitation center in the conurbation Rhein-Main, HERZ, 24, 1999, pp. 57-62

Authors: Wendt, T Leonard, K
Citation: T. Wendt et K. Leonard, Structure of the insect troponin complex, J MOL BIOL, 285(4), 1999, pp. 1845-1856

Authors: Wendt, T Taylor, D Messier, T Trybus, KM Taylor, KA
Citation: T. Wendt et al., Visualization of head-head interactions in the inhibited state of smooth muscle myosin, J CELL BIOL, 147(7), 1999, pp. 1385-1389
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