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Authors: Dietlein, M Moka, D Weber, K Theissen, P Schicha, H
Citation: M. Dietlein et al., Cost-effectiveness of PET for the management of lung tumours: Comparison of economic data, NUKLEARMED, 40(4), 2001, pp. 122-128

Authors: Weber, K Wellner, U Voth, E Schicha, H
Citation: K. Weber et al., Influence of stable iodine on the uptake of the thyroid - model vs. experiment, NUKLEARMED, 40(1), 2001, pp. 31-37

Authors: Ferrauti, A Bergeron, MF Pluim, BM Weber, K
Citation: A. Ferrauti et al., Physiological responses in tennis and running with similar oxygen uptake, EUR J A PHY, 85(1-2), 2001, pp. 27-33

Authors: Schlenke, P Weber, K Kirchner, H Wagner, T
Citation: P. Schlenke et al., Mafosfamide-purged peripheral blood stem cell harvest: Case report of a 54-year-old patient with relapsed acute myeloid leukemia, INFUS THER, 28(3), 2001, pp. 161-164

Authors: Weber, K Hallerberg, M
Citation: K. Weber et M. Hallerberg, Explaining variation in institutional integration in the European Union: why firms may prefer European solutions, J EUR PUB P, 8(2), 2001, pp. 171-191

Authors: Weber, K Regener, D Mehner, H Menzel, M
Citation: K. Weber et al., Characterization of the microstructure of high-chromium cast irons using Mossbauer spectroscopy, MATER CHAR, 46(5), 2001, pp. 399-406

Authors: Zietz, H Berrak, S Ried, H Weber, K Maor, M Jaffe, N
Citation: H. Zietz et al., The clavicle: A vulnerable bone in pediatric oncology, INT J ONCOL, 18(4), 2001, pp. 689-695

Authors: Lunt, M Masaryk, P Scheidt-Nave, C Nijs, J Poor, G Pois, H Falch, JA Hammermeister, G Reid, DM Benevolenskaya, L Weber, K Cannata, J O'Neill, TW Felsenberg, D Silman, AJ Reeve, J
Citation: M. Lunt et al., The effects of lifestyle, dietary dairy intake and diabetes on bone density and vertebral deformity prevalence: The EVOS study, OSTEOPOR IN, 12(8), 2001, pp. 688-698

Authors: Ismail, AA Cockerill, W Cooper, C Finn, JD Abendroth, K Parisi, G Banzer, D Benevolenskaya, LI Bhalla, AK Armas, JB Cannata, JB Delmas, PD Dequeker, J Dilsen, G Eastell, R Ershova, O Falch, JA Felsch, B Havelka, S Hoszowski, K Jajic, I Kragl, U Johnell, O Vaz, AL Lorenc, R Lyritis, G Marchand, F Masaryk, P Matthis, C Miazgowski, T Pols, HAP Poor, G Rapado, A Raspe, HH Reid, DM Reisinger, W Janott, J Scheidt-Nave, C Stepan, J Todd, C Weber, K Woolf, AD Ambrecht, G Gowin, W Felsenberg, D Lunt, M Kanis, JA Reeve, J Silman, AJ O'Neill, TW
Citation: Aa. Ismail et al., Prevalent vertebral deformity predicts incident hip though not distal forearm fracture: Results from the European Prospective Osteoporosis Study, OSTEOPOR IN, 12(2), 2001, pp. 85-90

Authors: Weber, K
Citation: K. Weber, Aspects of Lyme borreliosis in Europe, EUR J CL M, 20(1), 2001, pp. 6-13

Authors: Karabinos, A Wang, J Wenzel, D Panopoulou, G Lehrach, H Weber, K
Citation: A. Karabinos et al., Developmentally controlled expression patterns of intermediate filament proteins in the cephalochordate Branchiostoma, MECH DEVEL, 101(1-2), 2001, pp. 283-288

Authors: Weber, K Goldberg, M Stangassinger, M Erben, RG
Citation: K. Weber et al., 1 alpha-hydroxyvitamin D-2 is less toxic but not bone selective relative to 1 alpha-hydroxyvitamin D-3 in ovariectomized rats, J BONE MIN, 16(4), 2001, pp. 639-651

Authors: Janetzko, K Weber, K Kluter, H Wagner, T Schlenke, P
Citation: K. Janetzko et al., Efficiency of the cell separator AMICUS for platelet depletion in the treatment of essential thrombocythemia, J CLIN APH, 16(1), 2001, pp. 33-34

Authors: Stadler, M Bauch, F Henkel, T Muhlbauer, A Muller, H Spaltmann, F Weber, K
Citation: M. Stadler et al., Antifungal actinomycete metabolites discovered in a differential cell-based screening using a recombinant TOPO1 deletion mutant strain, ARCH PHARM, 334(5), 2001, pp. 143-147

Authors: Gensler, S Weber, K Schmitt, WE Perez-Martos, A Enriquez, JA Montoya, J Wiesner, RJ
Citation: S. Gensler et al., Mechanism of mammalian mitochondrial DNA replication: import of mitochondrial transcription factor A into isolated mitochondria stimulates 7S DNA synthesis, NUCL ACID R, 29(17), 2001, pp. 3657-3663

Authors: Ranke, MB Schweizer, R Elmlinger, MW Weber, K Binder, G Schwarze, CP Wollmann, HA
Citation: Mb. Ranke et al., Relevance of IGF-I, IGFBP-3, and IGFBP-2 measurements during GH treatment of GH-deficient and non-GH-deficient children and adolescents, HORMONE RES, 55(3), 2001, pp. 115-124

Authors: Woessner, R Gaertner, BC Grauer, MT Weber, K Mueller-Lantzsch, N Hunfeld, KP Trieb, J
Citation: R. Woessner et al., Incidence and prevalence of infection with human granulocytic ehrlichiosisagent in Germany. A prospective study in young healthy subjects, INFECTION, 29(5), 2001, pp. 271-273

Authors: Manhart, J Chen, HY Mehl, A Weber, K Hickel, R
Citation: J. Manhart et al., Marginal quality and microleakage of adhesive class V restorations, J DENT, 29(2), 2001, pp. 123-130

Authors: Schlenke, P Sheikhzadeh, S Weber, K Wagner, T Kirchner, H
Citation: P. Schlenke et al., Immune reconstitution and production of intracellular cytokines in T lymphocyte populations following autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation, BONE MAR TR, 28(3), 2001, pp. 251-257

Authors: Weber, K
Citation: K. Weber, Meeting planners' use and evaluation of convention and visitor bureaus, TOUR MANAGE, 22(6), 2001, pp. 599-606

Authors: Czech, P Weber, K Dietrich, DR
Citation: P. Czech et al., Effects of endocrine modulating substances on reproduction in the hermaphroditic snail Lymnaea stagnalis L, AQUAT TOX, 53(2), 2001, pp. 103-114

Authors: Weber, K
Citation: K. Weber, Outdoor adventure tourism - A review of research approaches, ANN TOURISM, 28(2), 2001, pp. 360-377

Authors: Goerke, H Weber, K
Citation: H. Goerke et K. Weber, Species-specific elimination of polychlorinated biphenyls in estuarine animals and its impact on residue patterns, MAR ENV RES, 51(2), 2001, pp. 131-149

Authors: Kovacs, A Wasserman, SS Burns, D Wright, DJ Cohn, J Landay, A Weber, K Cohen, M Levine, A Minkoff, H Miotti, P Palefsky, J Young, M Reichelderfer, P
Citation: A. Kovacs et al., Determinants of HIV-1 shedding in the genital tract of women, LANCET, 358(9293), 2001, pp. 1593-1601

Authors: Weber, K
Citation: K. Weber, The 'Hesperides Tree', NY TIMES R, 2001, pp. 8-8
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