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Authors: Frampton, G Moriya, S Pearson, JD Isenberg, DA Ward, FJ Smith, TA Panayiotou, A Staines, NA Murphy, JJ
Citation: G. Frampton et al., Identification of candidate endothelial cell autoantigens in systemic lupus erythematosus using a molecular cloning strategy: a role for ribosomal P protein P0 as an endothelial cell autoantigen, RHEUMATOLOG, 39(10), 2000, pp. 1114-1120

Authors: Eggleton, P Ward, FJ Johnson, S Khamashta, MA Hughes, GRV Hajela, VA Michalak, M Corbett, EF Staines, NA Reid, KBM
Citation: P. Eggleton et al., Fine specificity of autoantibodies to calreticulin: epitope mapping and characterization, CLIN EXP IM, 120(2), 2000, pp. 384-391

Authors: Kovacs, H Campbell, ID Strong, P Johnson, S Ward, FJ Reid, KBM Eggleton, P
Citation: H. Kovacs et al., Evidence that Clq binds specifically to C(H)2-like immunoglobulin gamma motifs present in the autoantigen calreticulin and interferes with complementactivation, BIOCHEM, 37(51), 1998, pp. 17865-17874
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