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Authors: Wang, SY Huang, CC
Citation: Sy. Wang et Cc. Huang, On the architecture and performance of an FFT-based spread-spectrum downlink RAKE receiver, IEEE VEH T, 50(1), 2001, pp. 234-243

Authors: Wang, SY Chen, BJ
Citation: Sy. Wang et Bj. Chen, The flake's alignment efficiency and orthotropic properties of oriented strand board, HOLZFORSCH, 55(1), 2001, pp. 97-103

Authors: Hu, SL Wang, SY
Citation: Sl. Hu et Sy. Wang, Effect of insulinotropic agent nateglinide on Kv and Ca2+ channels in pancreatic beta-cell, EUR J PHARM, 427(2), 2001, pp. 97-104

Authors: Wu, NL Hwang, JY Liu, PY Han, CY Kuo, SL Liao, KH Lee, MH Wang, SY
Citation: Nl. Wu et al., Synthesis and characterization of sb-doped SnO2 xerogel electrochemical capacitor, J ELCHEM SO, 148(6), 2001, pp. A550-A553

Authors: Wang, SY Tseng, YC Shiu, CS Sheu, JP
Citation: Sy. Wang et al., Balancing traffic load for multi-node multicast in a wormhole 2-D torus/mesh, COMPUTER J, 44(5), 2001, pp. 354-367

Authors: Lin, BY White, JT Ferguson, C Wang, SY Vessella, R Bumgarner, R True, LD Hood, L Nelson, PS
Citation: By. Lin et al., Prostate short-chain dehydrogenase reductase 1 (PSDR1): A new member of the short-chain steroid dehydrogenase/reductase family highly expressed in normal and neoplastic prostate epithelium, CANCER RES, 61(4), 2001, pp. 1611-1618

Authors: DeGrado, TR Coleman, RE Wang, SY Baldwin, SW Orr, MD Robertson, CN Polascik, TJ Price, DT
Citation: Tr. Degrado et al., Synthesis and evaluation of F-18-labeled choline as an oncologic tracer for positron emission tomography: Initial findings in prostate cancer, CANCER RES, 61(1), 2001, pp. 110-117

Authors: Hsu, HC Lee, YM Yang, CF Hsiao, KJ Liu, TT Ho, CK Ho, CH Wang, SY Liu, WT
Citation: Hc. Hsu et al., Detection of kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus in bone marrow biopsy samples from patients with multiple myeloma, CANCER, 91(8), 2001, pp. 1409-1413

Authors: Zhdanova, IV Wang, SY Leclair, OU Danilova, NP
Citation: Iv. Zhdanova et al., Melatonin promotes sleep-like state in zebrafish, BRAIN RES, 903(1-2), 2001, pp. 263-268

Authors: O'Reilly, JP Wang, SY Wang, GK
Citation: Jp. O'Reilly et al., Residue-specific effects on slow inactivation at V787 in D2-S6 of Na(v)1.4sodium channels, BIOPHYS J, 81(4), 2001, pp. 2100-2111

Authors: Xiao, YF Ke, QG Wang, SY Yang, YK Wang, GK Morgan, JP Leaf, A
Citation: Yf. Xiao et al., Point mutations in alpha-subunit of human cardiac Na+ channels alter Na+ current kinetics, BIOC BIOP R, 281(1), 2001, pp. 45-52

Authors: Zhou, B Zhang, YW Liao, CS Cheng, FX Yan, CH Chen, LY Wang, SY
Citation: B. Zhou et al., Enhanced magneto-optical Kerr effects and decreased Curie temperature in Co-Mn ferrite thin films, APPL PHYS L, 79(12), 2001, pp. 1849-1851

Authors: Wang, SY Lin, SD Wu, HW Lee, CP
Citation: Sy. Wang et al., Low dark current quantum-dot infrared photodetectors with an AlGaAs current blocking layer, APPL PHYS L, 78(8), 2001, pp. 1023-1025

Authors: Kawabuchi, M Zhou, CJ Wang, SY Nakamura, K Liu, WT Hirata, K
Citation: M. Kawabuchi et al., The spatiotemporal relationship among Schwann cells, axons and postsynaptic acetylcholine receptor regions during muscle reinnervation in aged rats, ANAT REC, 264(2), 2001, pp. 183-202

Authors: Chen, TC Yen, MC Liu, GR Wang, SY
Citation: Tc. Chen et al., Summer upper-level vortex over the North Pacific, B AM METEOR, 82(9), 2001, pp. 1991-2006

Authors: Sung, JFC Lin, RS Huang, KC Wang, SY Lu, YJ
Citation: Jfc. Sung et al., Pinworm control and risk factors of pinworm infection among primary-schoolchildren in Taiwan, AM J TROP M, 65(5), 2001, pp. 558-562

Authors: Chang, CL Wang, SY Wu, CC Su, TH Wang, KL Chen, HS Yang, YC
Citation: Cl. Chang et al., Microsatellite alterations in exfoliated cervical epithelia deoxyribonucleic acid as a marker for high-grade dysplasia, AM J OBST G, 185(1), 2001, pp. 108-115

Authors: Ge, JJ Li, CY Xue, G Mann, IK Zhang, D Wang, SY Harris, FW Cheng, SZD Hong, SC Zhuang, XW Shen, YR
Citation: Jj. Ge et al., Rubbing-induced molecular reorientation on an alignment surface of an aromatic polyimide containing cyanobiphenyl side chains, J AM CHEM S, 123(24), 2001, pp. 5768-5776

Authors: Haniu, M Bennett, BD Denis, P Young, Y Mendiaz, EA Fuller, J Hui, JO Kahn, S Babu-Khan, S Ross, S Burgess, T Katta, V Nicolson, M Lull, J Wang, SY Rogers, G Vassar, R Citron, M
Citation: M. Haniu et al., Characterization of Alzheimer's beta-secretase protein BACE: Processing and other post-translational modifications, ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE, 2001, pp. 739-745

Authors: Wang, SY Hsu, ML Huang, MZ Hsu, HC Tzeng, CH Hung, JH Ho, CK
Citation: Sy. Wang et al., The activity in ex vivo expansion of cord blood myeloid progenitor cells before and after cryopreservation, ACT HAEMAT, 105(1), 2001, pp. 38-44

Authors: Maitra, SR Wang, SY Brathwaite, CEM El-Maghrabi, MR
Citation: Sr. Maitra et al., Alterations in glucose-6-phosphatase gene expression in sepsis, J TRAUMA, 49(1), 2000, pp. 38-42

Authors: Wang, SY Tsai, MJ
Citation: Sy. Wang et Mj. Tsai, Assessment of temperature and relative humidity conditioning performances of interior decoration materials in the Taipei area (II), J WOOD SCI, 46(6), 2000, pp. 470-476

Authors: Wang, SY Lin, FC Lin, MY
Citation: Sy. Wang et al., Thermal properties of interior decorative material and contacted sensory cold-warmth I: relation between skin temperature and contacted sensory cold-warmth, J WOOD SCI, 46(5), 2000, pp. 357-363

Authors: Chang, ST Wang, SY Cheng, SS
Citation: St. Chang et al., Environmental effects on the color of sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don) heartwood, J WOOD SCI, 46(5), 2000, pp. 390-394

Authors: Tsai, WT Chang, CY Lee, SL Wang, SY
Citation: Wt. Tsai et al., Thermogravimetric analysis of corn cob impregnated with zinc chloride for preparation of activated carbon, J THERM ANA, 63(2), 2000, pp. 351-357
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