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Authors: Semeter, J Vogt, J Haerendel, G Lynch, K Arnoldy, R
Citation: J. Semeter et al., Persistent quasiperiodic precipitation of suprathermal ambient electrons in decaying auroral arcs, J GEO R-S P, 106(A7), 2001, pp. 12863-12873

Authors: Zakharov, AV Giricheva, NI Vogt, N Shlykov, SA Vogt, J Girichev, GV
Citation: Av. Zakharov et al., Structure of monomeric and dimeric molecules of erbium tribromide from gas-phase electron diffraction data, J CHEM S DA, (21), 2001, pp. 3160-3162

Authors: Blixt, EM Vogt, J
Citation: Em. Blixt et J. Vogt, Tail pressure release through auroral acceleration, PHYS CH P C, 26(1-3), 2001, pp. 207-212

Authors: Marghitu, O Blagau, A Vogt, J Klecker, B Haerendel, G Mobius, E McFadden, JP Carlson, CW Strangeway, R Elphic, R
Citation: O. Marghitu et al., Observational evidence for a potential relationship between visible auroral arcs and ion beams - A case study, PHYS CH P C, 26(1-3), 2001, pp. 223-228

Authors: Matejovic, M Radermacher, P Tugtekin, I Stehr, A Theisen, M Vogt, J Wachter, U Ploner, F Georgieff, M Trager, K
Citation: M. Matejovic et al., Effects of selective iNOS inhibition on gut and liver O-2-exchange and energy metabolism during hyperdynamic porcine endotoxemia, SHOCK, 16(3), 2001, pp. 203-210

Authors: Kiefer, P Tugtekin, I Wiedeck, H Vogt, J Wachter, U Bracht, H Geldner, G Georgieff, M Radermacher, P
Citation: P. Kiefer et al., Effect of dopexamine on hepatic metabolic activity in patients with septicshock, SHOCK, 15(6), 2001, pp. 427-431

Authors: Spiridonov, VP Vogt, N Vogt, J
Citation: Vp. Spiridonov et al., Determination of molecular structure in terms of potential energy functions from gas-phase electron diffraction supplemented by other experimental and computational data, STRUCT CHEM, 12(5), 2001, pp. 349-376

Authors: Wurth, C Kessler, U Vogt, J Schulz, GE Folkers, G Scapozza, L
Citation: C. Wurth et al., The effect of substrate binding on the conformation and structural stability of Herpes simplex virus type 1 thymidine kinase, PROTEIN SCI, 10(1), 2001, pp. 63-73

Authors: Lindauer, U Kunz, A Schuh-Hofer, S Vogt, J Dreier, JP Dirnagl, U
Citation: U. Lindauer et al., Nitric oxide from perivascular nerves modulates cerebral arterial pH reactivity, AM J P-HEAR, 281(3), 2001, pp. H1353-H1363

Authors: Kiefer, P Tugtekin, Y Wiedeck, H Bracht, H Vogt, J Wachter, U Weiss, M Altin, C Georgieff, M Radermacher, P
Citation: P. Kiefer et al., Hepato-splanchnic metabolic effects of the stable prostacyclin analogue iloprost in patients with septic shock, INTEN CAR M, 27(7), 2001, pp. 1179-1186

Authors: Trager, K Matejovic, M Vogt, J Zulke, C Vlatten, A Wachter, U Altherr, J Brinkmann, A Bruckner, UB Jauch, KW Georgieff, M Radermacher, P
Citation: K. Trager et al., Hepatic oxygen exchange and energy metabolism in hyperdynamic porcine endotoxemia: effects of the combined thromboxane receptor antagonist and synthase inhibitor DTTX30, INTEN CAR M, 27(2), 2001, pp. 416-425

Authors: Schuh-Hofer, S Lobsien, E Brodowsky, R Vogt, J Dreier, JP Klee, R Dirnagl, U Lindauer, U
Citation: S. Schuh-hofer et al., The cerebrovascular response to elevated potassium - role of nitric oxide in the in vitro model of isolated rat middle cerebral arteries, NEUROSCI L, 306(1-2), 2001, pp. 61-64

Authors: Kirchhof, P Kohl, T Eckardt, L Gogarten, W Asfour, B Witteler, R Reckers, J Marcus, AE VanAken, H Scheld, HH Vogt, J Borggrefe, M Breithardt, G Haverkamp, W
Citation: P. Kirchhof et al., Simultaneous in utero assessment of AV nodal and ventricular electrophysiologic parameters in the fetal sheep heart, BAS R CARD, 96(3), 2001, pp. 251-257

Authors: Krasemann, T Gehrmann, J Fenge, H Debus, V Loeser, H Vogt, J
Citation: T. Krasemann et al., Ventricular aneurysm or diverticulum? Clinical differential diagnosis, PEDIAT CARD, 22(5), 2001, pp. 409-411

Authors: Lebed, S Butz, T Vogt, J Reinert, T Spemann, D Heitmann, J Stachura, Z Lekki, J Potempa, A Styczen, J Sulkio-Cleff, B
Citation: S. Lebed et al., A novel ultra-short scanning nuclear microprobe: Design and preliminary results, NUCL INST B, 181, 2001, pp. 32-38

Authors: Spemann, D Reinert, T Vogt, J Butz, T Otte, K Zimmer, K
Citation: D. Spemann et al., Novel test sample for submicron ion-beam analysis, NUCL INST B, 181, 2001, pp. 186-192

Authors: Reinert, T Reibetanz, U Vogt, J Butz, T Werner, A Grunder, W
Citation: T. Reinert et al., Visualisation of collagen fibrils in joint cartilage using STIM, NUCL INST B, 181, 2001, pp. 511-515

Authors: Reinert, T Reibetanz, U Vogt, J Butz, T Werner, A Grunder, W
Citation: T. Reinert et al., Spatially resolved elemental distributions in articular cartilage, NUCL INST B, 181, 2001, pp. 516-521

Authors: Gehrmann, J Kehl, HG Diallo, R Debus, V Vogt, J
Citation: J. Gehrmann et al., Cardiac leiomyosarcoma of the right atrium in a teenager: Unusual manifestation with a lifetime history of atrial ectopic tachycardia, PACE, 24(7), 2001, pp. 1161-1164

Authors: Gronefeld, GC Schulte, B Hohnloser, SH Trappe, HJ Korte, T Stellbrink, C Jung, W Meesmann, M Bocker, D Grosse-Meininghaus, D Vogt, J Neuzner, J
Citation: Gc. Gronefeld et al., Morphology discrimination: A beat-to-beat algorithm for the discriminationof ventricular from supraventricular tachycardia by implantable cardioverter defibrillators, PACE, 24(10), 2001, pp. 1519-1524

Authors: Nicolson, PC Vogt, J
Citation: Pc. Nicolson et J. Vogt, Soft contact lens polymers: an evolution, BIOMATERIAL, 22(24), 2001, pp. 3273-3283

Authors: Sidouni, FZ Nurdin, N Chabrecek, P Lohmann, D Vogt, J Xanthopoulos, N Mathieu, HJ Francois, P Vaudaux, P Descouts, P
Citation: Fz. Sidouni et al., Surface properties of a specifically modified high-grade medical polyurethane, SURF SCI, 491(3), 2001, pp. 355-369

Authors: Vogt, J Weiss, H
Citation: J. Vogt et H. Weiss, The structure of NaCl(100) and KCl(100) single crystal surfaces: a tensor low energy electron diffraction analysis, SURF SCI, 491(1-2), 2001, pp. 155-168

Authors: Vogt, J Finger, A
Citation: J. Vogt et A. Finger, Increasing throughput of iterative decoders, ELECTR LETT, 37(12), 2001, pp. 770-771

Authors: Gehrmann, J Krasemann, T Kehl, HG Vogt, J
Citation: J. Gehrmann et al., Hypoplastic left-heart syndrome - The first description of the pathophysiology in 1851; Translation of a publication by Dr. Bardeleben from Giessen, Germany, CHEST, 120(4), 2001, pp. 1368-1371
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