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Authors: Honda, K Nakanishi, F Lee, SA Mikami, M Tsuzuki, S Yamamoto, T Feeder, N
Citation: K. Honda et al., Investigation of the origin of the topochemical arrangement in photoreactive 2-benzyl-5-benzylidenecyclopentanone crystal, MOLEC CRYST, 356, 2001, pp. 413-422

Authors: Yoshida, M Tsuzuki, S Tamaoki, N
Citation: M. Yoshida et al., Induced-fit conformational changes in the cation-pi complexes of pyxophane: a DFT study, J CHEM S P2, (7), 2001, pp. 1021-1023

Authors: Tsuzuki, S Houjou, H Nagawa, Y Hiratani, K
Citation: S. Tsuzuki et al., Effects of CH-O and CH-pi interactions on the conformational preference ofa crownophane core unit, J CHEM S P2, (10), 2001, pp. 1951-1955

Authors: Yoshida, M Tsuzuki, S Goto, M Nakanishi, F
Citation: M. Yoshida et al., Gas phase cation-pi complexation of cyclic and acyclic organosilicon compounds: electrospray mass spectrometry analysis and theoretical investigationby ab initio molecular orbital calculations, J CHEM S DA, (9), 2001, pp. 1498-1505

Authors: Uchimaru, T Chandra, AK Kawahara, S Matsumura, K Tsuzuki, S Mikami, M
Citation: T. Uchimaru et al., Internal bond rotation in substituted methyl radicals, H2B-CH2, H3C-CH2, H2N--CH2, and HO-CH2: Hardness profiles, J PHYS CH A, 105(8), 2001, pp. 1343-1353

Authors: Tsuzuki, S Yoshida, M Uchimaru, T Mikami, M
Citation: S. Tsuzuki et al., The origin of the cation/pi interaction: The significant importance of theinduction in Li+ and Na+ complexes, J PHYS CH A, 105(4), 2001, pp. 769-773

Authors: Kohno, A Tsuzuki, S Kasai, M Miyamura, K Emi, N Tanimoto, M Saito, H
Citation: A. Kohno et al., Acute promyelocytic leukemia with apparently normal karyotype: Molecular findings and response to all-trans retinoic acid, LEUK LYMPH, 42(1-2), 2001, pp. 151-161

Authors: Tsuzuki, S Iwami, M Sakurai, S
Citation: S. Tsuzuki et al., Ecdysteroid-inducible genes in the programmed cell death during insect metamorphosis, INSEC BIO M, 31(4-5), 2001, pp. 321-331

Authors: Tsuzuki, S Ota, H Hayama, M Sugiyama, A Akamatsu, T Kawasaki, S
Citation: S. Tsuzuki et al., Proliferation of alpha-smooth muscle actin-containing stromal cells (myofibroblasts) in the lamina propria subjacent to intraepithelial carcinoma of the esophagus, SC J GASTR, 36(1), 2001, pp. 86-91

Authors: Sumi, K Tsuzuki, S Kanda, K
Citation: K. Sumi et al., Neurotic perfectionism, perceived stress, and self-esteem among Japanese men: A prospective study, PSYCHOL REP, 88(1), 2001, pp. 19-22

Authors: Tsuzuki, S Luthi, HP
Citation: S. Tsuzuki et Hp. Luthi, Interaction energies of van der Waals and hydrogen bonded systems calculated using density functional theory: Assessing the PW91 model, J CHEM PHYS, 114(9), 2001, pp. 3949-3957

Authors: Tanaka, M Okada, Y Makita, J Takamura, Y Kubo, E Kawai, R Tsuzuki, S Takahashi, Y Akagi, Y
Citation: M. Tanaka et al., Histologic examination of dislocated lenses, JPN J OPHTH, 45(5), 2001, pp. 510-515

Authors: Ozawa, Y Towatari, M Tsuzuki, S Hayakawa, F Maeda, T Miyata, Y Tanimoto, M Saito, H
Citation: Y. Ozawa et al., Histone deacetylase 3 associates with and represses the transcription factor GATA-2, BLOOD, 98(7), 2001, pp. 2116-2123

Authors: Satomi, S Yamasaki, Y Tsuzuki, S Hitomi, Y Iwanaga, T Fushiki, T
Citation: S. Satomi et al., A role for membrane-type serine protease (MT-SP1) in intestinal epithelialturnover, BIOC BIOP R, 287(4), 2001, pp. 995-1002

Authors: Kamimura, M Nakahara, Y Kanamori, Y Tsuzuki, S Hayakawa, Y Kiuchi, M
Citation: M. Kamimura et al., Molecular cloning of silkworm paralytic peptide and its developmental regulation, BIOC BIOP R, 286(1), 2001, pp. 67-73

Authors: Tsuzuki, S Houjou, H Nagawa, Y Goto, M Hiratani, K
Citation: S. Tsuzuki et al., Cooperative enhancement of water binding to crownophane by multiple hydrogen bonds: Analysis by high level ab initio calculations, J AM CHEM S, 123(18), 2001, pp. 4255-4258

Authors: Tsuzuki, S Houjou, H Nagawa, Y Hiratani, K
Citation: S. Tsuzuki et al., Conformational analysis of the core unit of crownophanes by ab initio calculations: 1,1-dibenzylethylene and related compounds, J CHEM S P2, (12), 2000, pp. 2448-2452

Authors: Tsuzuki, S Houjou, H Nagawa, Y Hiratani, K
Citation: S. Tsuzuki et al., High-level ab initio calculations of torsional potential of phenol, anisole, and o-hydroxyanisole: Effects of intramolecular hydrogen bond, J PHYS CH A, 104(6), 2000, pp. 1332-1336

Authors: Tomita, A Towatari, M Tsuzuki, S Hayakawa, F Kosugi, H Tamai, K Miyazaki, T Kinoshita, T Saito, H
Citation: A. Tomita et al., c-Myb acetylation at the carboxyl-terminal conserved domain by transcriptional co-activator p300, ONCOGENE, 19(3), 2000, pp. 444-451

Authors: Nagawa, Y Goto, M Tsuzuki, S Hiratani, K
Citation: Y. Nagawa et al., Intramolecular sp(2)-CH center dot center dot center dot O interaction in the single crystal of macrocyclic polyethers with an isobutenyl group, CHEM LETT, (9), 2000, pp. 1096-1097

Authors: Tsuzuki, S Towatari, M Saito, H Enver, T
Citation: S. Tsuzuki et al., Potentiation of GATA-2 activity through interactions with the promyelocytic leukemia protein (PML) and the t(15;17)-generated PML-retinoic acid receptor alpha oncoprotein, MOL CELL B, 20(17), 2000, pp. 6276-6286

Authors: Ishiguro, K Kadomatsu, K Kojima, T Muramatsu, H Tsuzuki, S Nakamura, E Kusugami, K Saito, H Muramatsu, T
Citation: K. Ishiguro et al., Syndecan-4 deficiency impairs focal adhesion formation only under restricted conditions, J BIOL CHEM, 275(8), 2000, pp. 5249-5252

Authors: Tsuzuki, S Uchimaru, T Matsumura, K Mikami, M Tanabe, K
Citation: S. Tsuzuki et al., Effects of the higher electron correlation correction on the calculated intermolecular interaction energies of benzene and naphthalene dimers: comparison between MP2 and CCSD(T) calculations, CHEM P LETT, 319(5-6), 2000, pp. 547-554

Authors: Uchimaru, T Korchowiec, J Tsuzuki, S Matsumura, K Kawahara, S
Citation: T. Uchimaru et al., Importance of secondary electrostatic interactions in hydrogen-bonding complexes: an investigation using the self-consistent charge and configurationmethod for subsystems, CHEM P LETT, 318(1-3), 2000, pp. 203-209

Authors: Tsuzuki, S Honda, K Uchimaru, T Mikami, M Tanabe, K
Citation: S. Tsuzuki et al., Origin of the attraction and directionality of the NH/pi interaction: Comparison with OH/pi and CH/pi interactions, J AM CHEM S, 122(46), 2000, pp. 11450-11458
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