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Authors: Blatt, DH Leonard, SW Traber, MG
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Authors: Mastaloudis, A Leonard, SW Traber, MG
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Authors: Lodge, JK Ridlington, J Leonard, S Vaule, H Traber, MG
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Authors: Kaushik, S Wander, R Leonard, S German, B Traber, MG
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Authors: Traber, MG
Citation: Mg. Traber, Does vitamin E decrease heart attack risk? Summary and implications with respect to dietary recommendations, J NUTR, 131(2), 2001, pp. 395S-397S

Authors: Lauridsen, C Leonard, SW Griffin, DA Liebler, DC McClure, TD Traber, MG
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Authors: Traber, MG
Citation: Mg. Traber, Vitamin E: too much or not enough?, AM J CLIN N, 73(6), 2001, pp. 997-998

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Authors: Parks, EJ Dare, D Frazier, KB Hellerstein, MK Neese, RA Hughes, E Traber, MG
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Authors: Traber, MG Jialal, I
Citation: Mg. Traber et I. Jialal, Measurement of lipid-soluble vitamins - further adjustment needed?, LANCET, 355(9220), 2000, pp. 2013-2014

Authors: Terasawa, Y Ladha, Z Leonard, SW Morrow, JD Newland, D Sanan, D Packer, L Traber, MG Farese, RV
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Authors: Lodge, JK Traber, MG Sadler, PJ
Citation: Jk. Lodge et al., Cu2+-induced low density lipoprotein peroxidation is dependent on the initial O-2 concentration: An O-2 consumption study, LIPIDS, 35(10), 2000, pp. 1087-1092

Authors: Lodge, JK Traber, MG Elsner, A Brigelius-Flohe, R
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Authors: Traber, MG
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Authors: Burton, GW Ingold, KU Traber, MG Kayden, HJ
Citation: Gw. Burton et al., Evaluation of vitamin E potency - Reply, AM J CLIN N, 69(1), 1999, pp. 157-158
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