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Authors: Teraoka, Y Ishida, S Yamasaki, A Tomonaga, N Yasutake, A Izumi, J Moriguchi, I Kagawa, S
Citation: Y. Teraoka et al., Synthesis and characterization of tin oxide-modified mesoporous silica by the repeated post-grafting of tin chloride, MICROP M M, 48(1-3), 2001, pp. 151-158

Authors: Mochidzuki, K Sakoda, A Suzuki, M Izumi, J Tomonaga, N
Citation: K. Mochidzuki et al., Structural behavior of rice husk silica in pressurized hot-water treatmentprocesses, IND ENG RES, 40(24), 2001, pp. 5705-5709
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