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Authors: Tarapore, P Tokuyama, Y Horn, HF Fukasawa, K
Citation: P. Tarapore et al., Difference in the centrosome duplication regulatory activity among p53 'hot spot' mutants: potential role of Ser 315 phosphorylation-dependent centrosome binding of p53, ONCOGENE, 20(47), 2001, pp. 6851-6863

Authors: Tarapore, P Horn, HF Tokuyama, Y Fukasawa, K
Citation: P. Tarapore et al., Direct regulation of the centrosome duplication cycle by the p53-p21(Waf1/Cip1) pathway, ONCOGENE, 20(25), 2001, pp. 3173-3184

Authors: Moriguchi, I Orishikida, K Tokuyama, Y Watabe, H Kagawa, S Teraoka, Y
Citation: I. Moriguchi et al., Photocatalytic property of a decatungstate-containing bilayer system for the conversion of 2-propanol to acetone, CHEM MATER, 13(7), 2001, pp. 2430-2435

Authors: Tokuyama, Y Nozaki, O Kanatsuka, A
Citation: Y. Tokuyama et al., A patient with subcutaneous-insulin resistance treated by insulin lispro plus heparin, DIABET RE C, 54(3), 2001, pp. 209-212

Authors: Tokuyama, Y Sakurai, K Yagui, K Hashimoto, N Saito, Y Kanatsuka, A
Citation: Y. Tokuyama et al., Pathophysiologic phenotypes of Japanese subjects with varying degrees of glucose tolerance: Using the combination of C-peptide secretion rate and minimal model analysis, METABOLISM, 50(7), 2001, pp. 812-818

Authors: Tokuyama, Y Horn, HF Kawamura, K Tarapore, P Fukasawa, K
Citation: Y. Tokuyama et al., Specific phosphorylation of nucleophosmin on Thr(199) by cyclin-dependent kinase 2-cyclin E and its role in centrosome duplication, J BIOL CHEM, 276(24), 2001, pp. 21529-21537

Authors: Konno, K Tokuyama, Y Chiyokura, H
Citation: K. Konno et al., A G(1) connection around complicated curve meshes using C-1 NURBS boundarygregory patches, COMPUT AID, 33(4), 2001, pp. 293-306

Authors: Tokuyama, H Tokuyama, Y
Citation: H. Tokuyama et Y. Tokuyama, Class switch recombination signals induce lymphocyte-derived Spo11 expression and Spo11 antisense oligonucleotide inhibits class switching, CELL IMMUN, 211(2), 2001, pp. 123-130

Authors: Tokuyama, Y
Citation: Y. Tokuyama, Skinning-surface generation based on spine-curve control, VIS COMPUT, 16(2), 2000, pp. 134-140

Authors: Okuda, M Horn, HF Tarapore, P Tokuyama, Y Smulian, AG Chan, PK Knudsen, ES Hofmann, IA Snyder, JD Bove, KE Fukasawa, K
Citation: M. Okuda et al., Nucleophosmin/B23 is a target of CDK2/Cyclin E in centrosome duplication, CELL, 103(1), 2000, pp. 127-140

Authors: Sakai, E Tokuyama, Y Nonaka, F Ohishi, S Ishikawa, Y Tanaka, M Taneno, A
Citation: E. Sakai et al., Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale infection in Japan: preliminary investigations, VET REC, 146(17), 2000, pp. 502-503

Authors: Sakurai, K Seki, N Fujii, R Yagui, K Tokuyama, Y Shimada, F Makino, H Suzuki, Y Hashimoto, N Saito, Y Egashira, T Matsui, K Kanatsuka, A
Citation: K. Sakurai et al., Mutations in the hepatocyte nuclear factor-4 alpha gene in Japanese with non-insulin-dependent diabetes: A nucleotide substitution in the polypyrimidine tract of intron 1b, HORMONE MET, 32(8), 2000, pp. 316-320

Authors: Tokuyama, H Tokuyama, Y
Citation: H. Tokuyama et Y. Tokuyama, Mouse homolog of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Spo11 is induced in normal mu(+)B-cells by stimuli that cause germline C-H transcription and subsequent class switch recombination, CELL IMMUN, 202(1), 2000, pp. 1-5

Authors: Tokuyama, Y Bae, S
Citation: Y. Tokuyama et S. Bae, An approximate method for generating draft on a free-form surface, VIS COMPUT, 15(1), 1999, pp. 1-8

Authors: Ishizuka, N Yagui, K Tokuyama, Y Yamada, K Suzuki, Y Miyazaki, J Hashimoto, N Makino, H Saito, Y Kanatsuka, A
Citation: N. Ishizuka et al., Tumor necrosis factor alpha signaling pathway and apoptosis in pancreatic beta cells, METABOLISM, 48(12), 1999, pp. 1485-1492

Authors: Tokuyama, H Tokuyama, Y
Citation: H. Tokuyama et Y. Tokuyama, The regulatory effects of all-trans-retinoic acid on isotype switching: Retinoic acid induces IgA switch rearrangement in cooperation with IL-5 and inhibits IgG1 switching, CELL IMMUN, 192(1), 1999, pp. 41-47
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