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Authors: Tilly, JL
Citation: Jl. Tilly, Commuting the death sentence: How oocytes strive to survive, NAT REV MOL, 2(11), 2001, pp. 838-848

Authors: Morita, Y Maravei, DV Bergeron, L Wang, S Perez, G Tsutsumi, O Taketani, Y Asano, M Horai, R Korsmeyer, SJ Iwakura, Y Yuan, J Tilly, JL
Citation: Y. Morita et al., Caspase-2 deficiency prevents programmed germ cell death resulting from cytokine insufficiency but not meiotic defects caused by loss of ataxia telangiectasia-mutated (Atm) gene function, CELL DEAT D, 8(6), 2001, pp. 614-620

Authors: Lozano, J Morales, A Cremesti, A Fuks, Z Tilly, JL Schuchman, E Gulbins, E Kolesnick, R
Citation: J. Lozano et al., Niemann-Pick Disease versus acid sphingomyelinase deficiency, CELL DEAT D, 8(1), 2001, pp. 100-102

Authors: Matikainen, T Perez, GI Jurisicova, A Pru, JK Schlezinger, JJ Ryu, HY Laine, J Sakai, T Korsmeyer, SJ Casper, RF Sherr, DH Tilly, JL
Citation: T. Matikainen et al., Aromatic hydrocarbon receptor-driven Bax gene expression is required for premature ovarian failure caused by biohazardous environmental chemicals, NAT GENET, 28(4), 2001, pp. 355-360

Authors: Pru, JK Tilly, JL
Citation: Jk. Pru et Jl. Tilly, Programmed cell death in the ovary: Insights and future prospects using genetic technologies, MOL ENDOCR, 15(6), 2001, pp. 845-853

Authors: Ren, DJ Navarro, B Perez, G Jackson, AC Hsu, SF Shi, Q Tilly, JL Clapham, DE
Citation: Dj. Ren et al., A sperm ion channel required for sperm motility and male fertility, NATURE, 413(6856), 2001, pp. 603-609

Authors: Matikainen, T Perez, GI Zheng, TS Kluzak, TR Rueda, BR Flavell, RA Tilly, JL
Citation: T. Matikainen et al., Caspase-3 gene knockout defines cell lineage specificity for programmed cell death signaling in the ovary, ENDOCRINOL, 142(6), 2001, pp. 2468-2480

Authors: Morita, Y Perez, GI Paris, F Miranda, SR Ehleiter, D Haimovitz-Friedman, A Fuks, Z Xie, ZH Reed, JC Schuchman, EH Kolesnick, RN Tilly, JL
Citation: Y. Morita et al., Oocyte apoptosis is suppressed by disruption of the acid sphingomyelinase gene or by sphingosine-1-phosphate therapy, NAT MED, 6(10), 2000, pp. 1109-1114

Authors: Ratts, VS Tao, XJ Webster, CB Swanson, PE Smith, SD Brownbill, P Krajewski, S Reed, JC Tilly, JL Nelson, DM
Citation: Vs. Ratts et al., Expression of BCL-2, BAX and BAK in the trophoblast layer of the term human placenta: a unique model of apoptosis within a syncytium, PLACENTA, 21(4), 2000, pp. 361-366

Authors: Perez, GI Trbovich, AM Gosden, RG Tilly, JL
Citation: Gi. Perez et al., Reproductive biology - Mitochondria and the death of oocytes, NATURE, 403(6769), 2000, pp. 500-501

Authors: Makrigiannakis, A Amin, K Coukos, G Tilly, JL Coutifaris, C
Citation: A. Makrigiannakis et al., Regulated expression and potential roles of p53 and Wilms' tumor suppressor gene (WT1) during follicular development in the human ovary, J CLIN END, 85(1), 2000, pp. 449-459

Authors: Robles, R Morita, Y Mann, KK Perez, GI Yang, S Matikainen, T Sherr, DH Tilly, JL
Citation: R. Robles et al., The aryl hydrocarbon receptor, a basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor of the PAS gene family, is required for normal ovarian germ cell dynamics in the mouse, ENDOCRINOL, 141(1), 2000, pp. 450-453

Authors: Perez, GI Maravei, DV Trbovich, AM Cidlowski, JA Tilly, JL Hughes, FM
Citation: Gi. Perez et al., Identification of potassium-dependent and -independent components of the apoptotic machinery in mouse ovarian germ cells and granulosa cells, BIOL REPROD, 63(5), 2000, pp. 1358-1369

Authors: Perez, GI Tao, XJ Tilly, JL
Citation: Gi. Perez et al., Fragmentation and death (a.k.a. apoptosis) of ovulated oocytes, MOL HUM REP, 5(5), 1999, pp. 414-420

Authors: Perez, GI Robles, R Knudson, CM Flaws, JA Korsmeyer, SJ Tilly, JL
Citation: Gi. Perez et al., Prolongation of ovarian lifespan into advanced chronological age by Bax-deficiency, NAT GENET, 21(2), 1999, pp. 200-203

Authors: Morita, Y Perez, GI Maravei, DV Tilly, KI Tilly, JL
Citation: Y. Morita et al., Targeted expression of Bcl-2 in mouse oocytes inhibits ovarian follicle atresia and prevents spontaneous and chemotherapy-induced oocyte apoptosis invitro, MOL ENDOCR, 13(6), 1999, pp. 841-850

Authors: Dharmarajan, AM Hisheh, S Singh, B Parkinson, S Tilly, KI Tilly, JL
Citation: Am. Dharmarajan et al., Antioxidants mimic the ability of chorionic gonadotropin to suppress apoptosis in the rabbit corpus luteum in vitro: A novel role for superoxide dismutase in regulating bax expression, ENDOCRINOL, 140(6), 1999, pp. 2555-2561

Authors: Robles, R Tao, XJ Trbovich, AM Maravei, DV Nahum, R Perez, GI Tilly, KI Tilly, JL
Citation: R. Robles et al., Localization, regulation and possible consequences of apoptotic protease-activating factor-1 (Apaf-1) expression in granulosa cells of the mouse ovary, ENDOCRINOL, 140(6), 1999, pp. 2641-2644

Authors: Morita, Y Tilly, JL
Citation: Y. Morita et Jl. Tilly, Segregation of retinoic acid effects on fetal ovarian germ cell mitosis versus apoptosis by requirement for new macromolecular synthesis, ENDOCRINOL, 140(6), 1999, pp. 2696-2703

Authors: Morita, Y Manganaro, TF Tao, XJ Martimbeau, S Donahoe, PK Tilly, JL
Citation: Y. Morita et al., Requirement for phosphatidylinositol-3 '-kinase in cytokine-mediated germ cell survival during fetal oogenesis in the mouse, ENDOCRINOL, 140(2), 1999, pp. 941-949

Authors: Morita, Y Tilly, JL
Citation: Y. Morita et Jl. Tilly, Oocyte apoptosis: Like sand through an hourglass, DEVELOP BIO, 213(1), 1999, pp. 1-17

Authors: Tilly, JL Kolesnick, RN
Citation: Jl. Tilly et Rn. Kolesnick, Sphingolipid signaling in gonadal development and function, CHEM PHYS L, 102(1-2), 1999, pp. 149-155

Authors: Rueda, BR Hendry, IR Tilly, JL Hamernik, DL
Citation: Br. Rueda et al., Accumulation of caspase-3 messenger ribonucleic acid and induction of caspase activity in the ovine corpus luteum following prostaglandin F-2 alpha treatment in vivo, BIOL REPROD, 60(5), 1999, pp. 1087-1092

Authors: Xu, LJ Koumenis, IL Tilly, JL Giffard, RG
Citation: Lj. Xu et al., Overexpression of bcl-x(L) protects astrocyte from glucose deprivation andis associated with higher glutathione, ferritin, and iron levels, ANESTHESIOL, 91(4), 1999, pp. 1036-1046

Authors: Tilly, JL Johnson, AL
Citation: Jl. Tilly et Al. Johnson, Chemotherapy and apoptosis in the ovary - Cancer treatment comes with a price, CANC DRUG, 5, 1999, pp. 257-273
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