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Authors: Stoker, CR Cabrol, NA Roush, TR Moersch, J Aubele, J Barlow, N Bettis, EA Bishop, J Chapman, M Clifford, S Cockell, C Crumpler, L Craddock, R De Hon, R Foster, T Gulick, V Grin, E Horton, K Hovde, G Johnson, JR Lee, PC Lemmon, MT Marshall, J Newsom, HE Ori, GG Reagan, M Rice, JW Ruff, SW Schreiner, J Sims, M Smith, PH Tanaka, K Thomas, HJ Thomas, G Yingst, RA
Citation: Cr. Stoker et al., The 1999 Marsokhod rover mission simulation at Silver Lake, California: Mission overview, data sets, and summary of results, J GEO R-PLA, 106(E4), 2001, pp. 7639-7663

Authors: Thomas, G Reagan, M Bettis, EA Cabrol, N Rathe, A
Citation: G. Thomas et al., Analysis of science team activities during the 1999 Marsokhod Rover Field Experiment: Implications for automated planetary surface exploration, J GEO R-PLA, 106(E4), 2001, pp. 7775-7783

Authors: Cabrol, NA Chong-Diaz, G Stoker, CR Gulick, VC Landheim, R Lee, P Roush, TL Zent, AP Lameli, CH Iglesia, AJ Arrerondo, MP Dohm, JM Keaten, R Wettergreen, D Sims, MH Schwher, K Bualat, MG Thomas, HJ Zbinden, E Christian, D Pedersen, L Bettis, A Thomas, G Witzke, B
Citation: Na. Cabrol et al., Nomad Rover Field Experiment, Atacama Desert, Chile 1. Science results overview, J GEO R-PLA, 106(E4), 2001, pp. 7785-7806

Authors: Cabrol, NA Bettis, EA Glenister, B Chong, G Herrera, C Jensen, A Pereira, M Stoker, CR Grin, EA Landheim, R Thomas, G Golden, J Saville, K Ludvigson, G Witzke, B
Citation: Na. Cabrol et al., Nomad Rover Field Experiment, Atacama Desert, Chile 2. Identification of paleolife evidence using a robotic vehicle: Lessons and recommendations for a Mars sample return mission, J GEO R-PLA, 106(E4), 2001, pp. 7807-7815

Authors: Iype, EM Pandey, M Mathew, A Thomas, G Sebastian, P Nair, MK
Citation: Em. Iype et al., Squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue among young Indian adults, NEOPLASIA, 3(4), 2001, pp. 273-277

Authors: Bouvard, D Carry, C Chaix, JM Martin, CM Missiaen, JM Perier-Camby, L Serris, E Thomas, G
Citation: D. Bouvard et al., Compression and sintering of powder mixtures: Experiments and modelling, ADV ENG MAT, 3(8), 2001, pp. 593-597

Authors: Gu, F Crump, CM Thomas, G
Citation: F. Gu et al., Trans-Golgi network sorting, CELL MOL L, 58(8), 2001, pp. 1067-1084

Authors: Sreelekha, TT Ramadas, K Pandey, M Thomas, G Nalinakumari, KR Pillai, MR
Citation: Tt. Sreelekha et al., Genetic polymorphism of CYP1A1, GSTM1 and GSTT1 genes in Indian oral cancer, ORAL ONCOL, 37(7), 2001, pp. 593-598

Authors: Pandey, M Thomas, G Somanathan, T Sankaranarayanan, R Abraham, EK Jacob, BJ Mathew, B
Citation: M. Pandey et al., Evaluation of surgical excision of non-homogeneous oral leukoplakia in a screening intervention trial, Kerala, India, ORAL ONCOL, 37(1), 2001, pp. 103-109

Authors: Girt, E Krishnan, KM Thomas, G
Citation: E. Girt et al., Optimization of magnetic properties of nanostructured Nd-Fe-B: Approachingideal Stoner-Wohlfarth behaviour, SCR MATER, 44(8-9), 2001, pp. 1431-1435

Authors: Hutten, A Reiss, G Saikaly, W Thomas, G
Citation: A. Hutten et al., Origin of giant magnetoresistance in conventional AlNiCo5 magnets, ACT MATER, 49(5), 2001, pp. 827-835

Authors: Lee, CS De Jonghe, LC Thomas, G
Citation: Cs. Lee et al., Mechanical properties of polytypoidally joined Si3N4-Al2O3, ACT MATER, 49(18), 2001, pp. 3767-3773

Authors: Lee, CS Zhang, XF Thomas, G
Citation: Cs. Lee et al., Novel joining of dissimilar ceramics in the Si3N4-Al2O3 system using polytypoid functional gradients, ACT MATER, 49(18), 2001, pp. 3775-3780

Authors: Porcher, R Thomas, G
Citation: R. Porcher et G. Thomas, Estimating Lyapunov exponents in biomedical time series - art. no. 010902, PHYS REV E, 6401(1), 2001, pp. 0902

Authors: Miceli-Richard, C Lesage, S Rybojad, M Prieur, AM Manouvrier-Hanu, S Hafner, R Chamaillard, M Zouali, H Thomas, G Hugot, JP
Citation: C. Miceli-richard et al., CARD15 mutations in Blau syndrome, NAT GENET, 29(1), 2001, pp. 19-20

Authors: Lehman, M Thomas, G
Citation: M. Lehman et G. Thomas, Is concurrent chemotherapy and radiotherapy the new standard of care for locally advanced cervical cancer?, INT J GYN C, 11(2), 2001, pp. 87-99

Authors: Sun, ZQ Thomas, G Antzelevitch, C
Citation: Zq. Sun et al., Role of the delayed rectifier component I-Ks in cardiac repolarization - Reply, J CARD ELEC, 12(10), 2001, pp. 1205-1206

Authors: Zouali, H Chamaillard, M Lesage, S Cezard, JP Colombel, JF Belaiche, J Almer, S Tysk, C Montague, S Gassull, M Christensen, S Finkel, Y Gower-Rousseau, C Modigliani, R Macry, J Selinger-Leneman, H Thomas, G Hugot, JP
Citation: H. Zouali et al., Genetic refinement and physical mapping of a chromosome 16q candidate region for inflammatory bowel disease, EUR J HUM G, 9(10), 2001, pp. 731-742

Authors: Osswald, BR Blackstone, EH Tochtermann, U Schweiger, P Thomas, G Vahl, CF Hagl, S
Citation: Br. Osswald et al., Does the completeness of revascularization affect early survival after coronary artery bypass grafting in elderly patients?, EUR J CAR-T, 20(1), 2001, pp. 120-126

Authors: Thomas, G
Citation: G. Thomas, Learning networks in construction procurement, P I CIV E M, 145(3), 2001, pp. 235-240

Authors: Duval, A Rolland, S Compoint, A Tubacher, E Iacopetta, B Thomas, G Hamelin, R
Citation: A. Duval et al., Evolution of instability at coding and non-coding repeat sequences in human MSI-H colorectal cancers, HUM MOL GEN, 10(5), 2001, pp. 513-518

Authors: Neville, RG McCowan, C Hoskins, G Thomas, G
Citation: Rg. Neville et al., Cross-sectional observations on the natural history of asthma, BR J GEN PR, 51(466), 2001, pp. 361-365

Authors: Sandrock, G Thomas, G
Citation: G. Sandrock et G. Thomas, The IEA/DOE/SNL on-line hydride databases, APPL PHYS A, 72(2), 2001, pp. 153-155

Authors: Raghuram, L Korah, IP Jaya, V Athyal, RP Thomas, A Thomas, G
Citation: L. Raghuram et al., Coil embolization of a solitary congenital intrahepatic hepatoportal fistula, ABDOM IMAG, 26(2), 2001, pp. 194-196

Authors: Thomas, G Pandey, M Mathew, A Abraham, EK Francis, A Somanathan, T Iype, EM Sebastian, P Nair, MK
Citation: G. Thomas et al., Primary intraosseous carcinoma of the jaw: pooled analysis of world literature and report of two new cases, INT J OR M, 30(4), 2001, pp. 349-355
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