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Authors: Nishio, K Suzuki, Y Takeshita, K Aoki, T Kudo, H Sato, N Naoki, K Miyao, N Ishii, M Yamaguchi, K
Citation: K. Nishio et al., Effects of hypercapnia and hypocapnia on [Ca2+](i) mobilization in human pulmonary artery endothelial cells, J APP PHYSL, 90(6), 2001, pp. 2094-2100

Authors: Inoue, T Takeshita, K Fukushima, K
Citation: T. Inoue et al., Effects of KE-758; an active metabolite of the new anti-rheumatic drug KE-298, D-penicillamine, bucillamine and auranofin on the proliferation of murine lymphocytes, and the production of nitric oxide by murine macrophages, INT IMMUNO, 1(5), 2001, pp. 833-842

Authors: Miyamoto, T Kanazawa, N Kato, S Kawakami, M Inoue, Y Kuhara, T Inoue, T Takeshita, K Tsujino, S
Citation: T. Miyamoto et al., Diagnosis of Japanese patients with HHH syndrome by molecular genetic analysis: a common mutation, R179X, J HUM GENET, 46(5), 2001, pp. 260-262

Authors: Mizanur, RM Takeshita, K Moshino, H Takada, G Izumori, K
Citation: Rm. Mizanur et al., Production of L-erythrose via L-erythrulose from erythritol using microbial and enzymatic reactions, J BIOSCI BI, 92(3), 2001, pp. 237-241

Authors: Takeshita, K Matsunawa, A
Citation: K. Takeshita et A. Matsunawa, Numerical simulation of the molten-pool formation during the laser surface-melting process, MET MAT T B, 32(5), 2001, pp. 949-959

Authors: Matsuo, T Baba, Y Hashiguchi, M Takeshita, K Izumori, K Suzuki, H
Citation: T. Matsuo et al., Dietary D-psicose, a C-3 epimer of D-fructose, suppresses the activity of hepatic lipogenic enzymes in rats, ASIA P J CL, 10(3), 2001, pp. 233-237

Authors: Takeshita, K Saisho, Y Kitamura, K Kaburagi, N Funabiki, T Inamura, T Oyamada, Y Asano, K Yamaguchi, K
Citation: K. Takeshita et al., Pneumonitis induced by ou-gon (scullcap), INTERN MED, 40(8), 2001, pp. 764-768

Authors: Takeshita, K Hirota, N Imamoto, Y Kataoka, M Tokunaga, F Terazima, M
Citation: K. Takeshita et al., The structural change and energy dynamics in the photocycle of photoactiveyellow protein (PYP), ANAL SCI, 17, 2001, pp. S320-S322

Authors: Han, JY Takeshita, K Utsumi, H
Citation: Jy. Han et al., Noninvasive detection of hydroxyl radical generation in lung by diesel exhaust particles, FREE RAD B, 30(5), 2001, pp. 516-525

Authors: Holkova, B Takeshita, K Cheng, DM Volm, M Wasserheit, C Demopoulos, R Chanan-Khan, A
Citation: B. Holkova et al., Effect of highly active antiretroviral therapy on survival in patients with AIDS-associated pulmonary Kaposi's sarcoma treated with chemotherapy, J CL ONCOL, 19(18), 2001, pp. 3848-3851

Authors: Seki, A Koeda, T Sugihara, S Kamba, M Hirata, Y Ogawa, T Takeshita, K
Citation: A. Seki et al., A functional magnetic resonance imaging study during sentence reading in Japanese dyslexic children, BRAIN DEVEL, 23(5), 2001, pp. 312-316

Authors: Tran, TD Kubota, M Takeshita, K Yanagisawa, M Sakakihara, Y
Citation: Td. Tran et al., Varicella-associated acute necrotizing encephalopathy with a good prognosis, BRAIN DEVEL, 23(1), 2001, pp. 54-57

Authors: Sugiura, C Miyata, H Aka, A Takashima, S Ohama, E Takeshita, K
Citation: C. Sugiura et al., A Japanese girl with leukoencephalopathy with vanishing white matter, BRAIN DEVEL, 23(1), 2001, pp. 58-61

Authors: Yamazaki, M Kishimoto, N Kurita, M Ogawa, T Ohno, K Takeshita, K
Citation: M. Yamazaki et al., Two-dimensional Penning ionization electron spectroscopy of CO/He(2(3)S), J ELEC SPEC, 114, 2001, pp. 175-181

Authors: Seichi, A Takeshita, K Ohishi, I Kawaguchi, H Akune, T Anamizu, Y Kitagawa, T Nakamura, K
Citation: A. Seichi et al., Long-term results of double-door laminoplasty for cervical stenotic myelopathy, SPINE, 26(5), 2001, pp. 479-487

Authors: Inoue, T Hamada, Y Takeshita, K Fukushima, K Higaki, M
Citation: T. Inoue et al., KE-298 and its active metabolite KE-758 suppress nitric oxide production by murine macrophage cells and peritoneal cells from rats with adjuvant induced arthritis, J RHEUMATOL, 28(6), 2001, pp. 1229-1237

Authors: Baron, AQR Tanaka, Y Miwa, D Ishikawa, D Mochizuki, T Takeshita, K Goto, S Matsushita, T Kimura, H Yamamoto, F Ishikawa, T
Citation: Aqr. Baron et al., Early commissioning of the SPring-8 beamline for high resolution inelasticX-ray scattering, NUCL INST A, 467, 2001, pp. 627-630

Authors: Isshiki, M Ohishi, Y Goto, S Takeshita, K Ishikawa, T
Citation: M. Isshiki et al., High-energy X-ray diffraction beamline: BL04B2 at SPring-8, NUCL INST A, 467, 2001, pp. 663-666

Authors: Yamakata, M Goto, S Uruga, T Takeshita, K Ishikawa, T
Citation: M. Yamakata et al., Optical design of BL02B2 bending magnet beamline at the SPring-8 for powder diffraction, NUCL INST A, 467, 2001, pp. 667-669

Authors: Inoue, K Oka, T Suzuki, T Yagi, N Takeshita, K Goto, S Ishikawa, T
Citation: K. Inoue et al., Present status of high flux beamline (BL40XU) at SPring-8, NUCL INST A, 467, 2001, pp. 674-677

Authors: Yabashi, M Mochizuki, T Yamazaki, H Goto, S Ohashi, H Takeshita, K Ohata, T Matsushita, T Tamasaku, K Tanaka, Y Ishikawa, T
Citation: M. Yabashi et al., Design of a beamline for the SPring-8 long undulator source 1, NUCL INST A, 467, 2001, pp. 678-681

Authors: Goto, S Takeshita, K Suzuki, Y Ohashi, H Asano, Y Kimura, H Matsushita, T Yagi, N Isshiki, M Yamazaki, H Yoneda, Y Umetani, K Ishikawa, T
Citation: S. Goto et al., Construction and commissioning of a 215-m-long beamline at SPring-8, NUCL INST A, 467, 2001, pp. 682-685

Authors: Uruga, T Tanida, H Yoneda, Y Takeshita, K Goto, S Ishikawa, T
Citation: T. Uruga et al., Standard X-ray mirror systems for SPring-8 beamlines, NUCL INST A, 467, 2001, pp. 782-784

Authors: Ohashi, H Goto, S Kishimoto, H Murase, T Isshiki, M Suzuki, Y Kimura, H Takeshita, K Ishikawa, T
Citation: H. Ohashi et al., Vacuum system of X-ray beamlines of SPring-8, NUCL INST A, 467, 2001, pp. 801-804

Authors: Goto, S Ohashi, H Takeshita, K Yabashi, M Yamakata, A Asano, Y Ishikawa, T
Citation: S. Goto et al., Transport channels of X-ray beamlines at SPring-8, NUCL INST A, 467, 2001, pp. 813-815
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