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Authors: Wazz, G Taji, H Chishti, I Branicki, F
Citation: G. Wazz et al., Primary coliform peritonitis in a male adult, AUST NZ J S, 71(1), 2001, pp. 72-73

Authors: Maeda, S Kagami, Y Ogura, M Taji, H Suzuki, R Kondo, E Asakura, S Takeuchi, T Miura, K Ando, M Nakamura, S Ito, T Kinoshita, T Ueda, R Morishima, Y
Citation: S. Maeda et al., CD34(+)-selected autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation conditioned with total body irradiation for malignant lymphoma: Increased riskof infectious complications, INT J HEMAT, 74(2), 2001, pp. 214-221

Authors: Kondo, E Ogura, M Kagami, Y Taji, H Miura, K Takeuchi, T Maeda, S Asakura, S Suzuki, R Nakamura, S Morishima, Y
Citation: E. Kondo et al., Assessment of prognostic factors in follicular lymphoma patients, INT J HEMAT, 73(3), 2001, pp. 363-368

Authors: Nakamura, S Kato, M Ichimura, K Yatabe, Y Kagami, Y Suzuki, R Taji, H Kondo, E Asakura, S Kojima, M Murakami, S Yamao, K Tsuzuki, T Adachi, K Miwa, A Yoshida, T
Citation: S. Nakamura et al., Peripheral T/natural killer-cell lymphoma involving the female genital tract: A clinicopathologic study of 5 cases, INT J HEMAT, 73(1), 2001, pp. 108-114

Authors: Matsuo, K Suzuki, R Hamajima, N Ogura, M Kagami, Y Taji, H Kondoh, E Maeda, S Asakura, S Kaba, S Nakamura, S Seto, M Morishima, Y Tajima, K
Citation: K. Matsuo et al., Association between polymorphisms of folate- and methionine-metabolizing enzymes and susceptibility to malignant lymphoma, BLOOD, 97(10), 2001, pp. 3205-3209

Authors: Miyamura, K Hamaguchi, M Taji, H Kanie, T Kohno, A Tanimoto, M Saito, H Kojima, S Matsuyama, T Kitaori, K Nagafuji, K Sato, T Kodera, Y
Citation: K. Miyamura et al., Successful ribavirin therapy for severe adenovirus hemorrhagic cystitis after allogeneic marrow transplant from close HLA donors rather than distant donors, BONE MAR TR, 25(5), 2000, pp. 545-548

Authors: Kagami, Y Sobue, R Ito, N Yatabe, Y Taji, H Suzuki, R Seto, M Ogura, M Suchi, T Morishima, Y Nakamura, S
Citation: Y. Kagami et al., Cytotoxic large T-cell lymphoma with fulminant clinical course, CD8(+) andCD56(-) phenotype, and its relation to Epstein-Barr virus: a report of twocases, INT J HEMAT, 70(2), 1999, pp. 105-111

Authors: Obama, K Tara, M Sao, H Taji, H Morishima, Y Mougi, H Maruyama, Y Osame, M
Citation: K. Obama et al., Allogenic bone marrow transplantation as a treatment for adult T-cell leukemia, INT J HEMAT, 69(3), 1999, pp. 203-205

Authors: Kasai, M Akatsuka, Y Emi, N Taji, H Kohno, A Abe, A Tanimoto, M Kodera, Y Saito, H
Citation: M. Kasai et al., Immune response of post-transplant peripheral lymphocytes against the patient pre-B cell line, NAGL-1, INT J HEMAT, 69(2), 1999, pp. 112-118

Authors: Nakamura, S Nagahama, M Kagami, Y Yatabe, Y Takeuchi, T Kojima, M Motoori, T Suzuki, R Taji, H Ogura, M Mizoguchi, Y Okamoto, M Suzuki, H Oyama, A Seto, M Morishima, Y Koshikawa, T Takahashi, T Kurita, S Suchi, T
Citation: S. Nakamura et al., Hodgkin's disease expressing follicular dendritic cell marker CD21 withoutany other B-cell marker - A clinicopathologic study of nine cases, AM J SURG P, 23(4), 1999, pp. 363-376

Authors: Kagami, Y Suzuki, R Taji, H Yatabe, Y Takeuchi, T Maeda, S Kondo, E Kojima, M Motoori, T Mizoguchi, Y Okamoto, M Ohnishi, K Yamabe, H Seto, M Ogura, M Koshikawa, T Takahashi, T Kurita, S Morishima, Y Suchi, T Nakamura, S
Citation: Y. Kagami et al., Nodal cytotoxic lymphoma spectrum - A clinicopathologic study of 66 patients, AM J SURG P, 23(10), 1999, pp. 1184-1200

Authors: Murata, M Nishida, T Haneda, M Kanie, T Taji, H Iida, H Suzuki, R Hamaguchi, M Minami, S Kodera, Y
Citation: M. Murata et al., A new preconditioning regimen with melphalan, busulphan and total body irradiation followed by low-dose immunosuppressant in allogeneic haemopoietic stem cell transplantation, BR J HAEM, 105(3), 1999, pp. 799-802
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