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Authors: Nguyen, NP Sallah, S Karlsson, U Vos, P Ludin, A Semer, D Tait, D Salehpour, M Jendrasiak, G Robiou, C
Citation: Np. Nguyen et al., Prognosis for papillary serous carcinoma of the endometrium after surgicalstaging, INT J GYN C, 11(4), 2001, pp. 305-311

Authors: Dzik-Jurasz, ASK Brooker, S Husband, JE Tait, D
Citation: Ask. Dzik-jurasz et al., What is the prevalence of symptomatic or asymptomatic femoral head osteonecrosis in patients previously treated with chemoradiation? A magnetic resonance study of anal cancer patients, CL ONCOL-UK, 13(2), 2001, pp. 130-134

Authors: Hofer, R Lackner, R Kargl, J Thaler, B Tait, D Bonetti, L Vistocco, R Flaim, G
Citation: R. Hofer et al., Organochlorine and metal accumulation in fish (Phoxinus phoxinus) along a north-south transect in the Alps, WATER A S P, 125(1-4), 2001, pp. 189-200

Authors: Nalder, CA Bidmead, AM Mubata, CD Tait, D Beardmore, C
Citation: Ca. Nalder et al., Influence of a vac-fix immobilization device on the accuracy of patient positioning during routine breast radiotherapy, BR J RADIOL, 74(879), 2001, pp. 249-254

Authors: Essapen, S Knowles, C Tait, D
Citation: S. Essapen et al., Variation in size and position of the planning target volume in the transverse plane owing to respiratory movement during radiotherapy to the lung, BR J RADIOL, 74(877), 2001, pp. 73-76

Authors: Nutting, C Camplejohn, RS Gilchrist, R Tait, D Blake, P Knee, G Yao, WQ Ross, G Fisher, C Eeles, R
Citation: C. Nutting et al., A patient with 17 primary tumours and a germ line mutation in TP53: Tumourinduction by adjuvant therapy?, CL ONCOL-UK, 12(5), 2000, pp. 300-304

Authors: Cornes, P Tait, D
Citation: P. Cornes et D. Tait, Computerizing the cancer centre: The mathematics of survival, CL ONCOL-UK, 12(5), 2000, pp. 337-337

Authors: Tait, D Haase, G Wiechen, A
Citation: D. Tait et al., A fast method for monitoring I-129 in milk in the surveillance of radioactive waste repositories in the event of accidental releases, KERNTECHNIK, 65(4), 2000, pp. 168-171

Authors: Antebi, A Yeh, WH Tait, D Hedgecock, EM Riddle, DL
Citation: A. Antebi et al., daf-12 encodes a nuclear receptor that regulates the dauer diapause and developmental age in C-elegans, GENE DEV, 14(12), 2000, pp. 1512-1527

Authors: Singhal, S Powles, R Treleaven, J Kulkarni, S Sirohi, B Horton, C Millar, B Shepherd, V Tait, D Saso, R Rowland, A Long, S Mehta, J
Citation: S. Singhal et al., A low CD34(+) cell dose results in higher mortality and poorer survival after blood or marrow stem cell transplantation from HLA-identical siblings: should 2 x 10(6) CD34(+) cells/kg be considered the minimum threshold?, BONE MAR TR, 26(5), 2000, pp. 489-496

Authors: Vaidya, SJ Atra, A Bahl, S Pinkerton, CR Calvagna, V Horton, C Milan, S Shepherd, V Brain, C Treleaven, J Powles, R Tait, D Meller, ST
Citation: Sj. Vaidya et al., Autologous bone marrow transplantation for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in second remission - long-term follow-up, BONE MAR TR, 25(6), 2000, pp. 599-603

Authors: Kulkarni, S Powles, R Treleaven, J Singhal, S Horton, C Sirohi, B Bhagawati, N Tait, D Saso, R Killick, S Pinkerton, R Atra, A Meller, S Mehta, J
Citation: S. Kulkarni et al., Melphalan/TBI is not more carcinogeneic than cyclophosphamide/TBI for transplant conditioning: follow-up of 725 patients from a single centre over a period of 26 years, BONE MAR TR, 25(4), 2000, pp. 365-370

Authors: de Keijzer, J Tait, D Goedman, R
Citation: J. De Keijzer et al., JAIN: A new approach to services in communication networks, IEEE COMM M, 38(1), 2000, pp. 94-99

Authors: Powles, R Mehta, J Kulkarni, S Treleaven, J Millar, B Marsden, J Shepherd, V Rowland, A Sirohi, B Tait, D Horton, C Long, S Singhal, S
Citation: R. Powles et al., Allogeneic blood and bone-marrow stem-cell transplantation in haematological malignant diseases: a randomised trial, LANCET, 355(9211), 2000, pp. 1231-1237

Authors: Fox, P Richardson, J McInnes, B Tait, D Bedard, M
Citation: P. Fox et al., Effectiveness of a bed positioning program for treating older adults with knee contractures who are institutionalized, PHYS THER, 80(4), 2000, pp. 363-372

Authors: Tait, D
Citation: D. Tait, Fast determination of I-129 extracted from milk by direct gamma-spectrometry for the surveillance of nuclear waste repositories, MILCHWISSEN, 55(12), 2000, pp. 676-679

Authors: Hamilton, MA Tait, D
Citation: Ma. Hamilton et D. Tait, Metastatic paraganglioma causing spinal cord compression, BR J RADIOL, 73(872), 2000, pp. 901-904

Authors: Madden, BP Barros, J Backhouse, L Stamenkovic, S Tait, D Murday, A
Citation: Bp. Madden et al., Intermediate term results of total lymphoid irradiation for the treatment of non-specific graft dysfunction after heart transplantation, EUR J CAR-T, 15(5), 1999, pp. 663-666

Authors: Kulkarni, S Powles, RL Treleaven, JG Singhal, S Saso, R Horton, C Killick, S Tait, D Ramiah, V Mehta, J
Citation: S. Kulkarni et al., Impact of previous high-dose therapy on outcome after allografting for multiple myeloma, BONE MAR TR, 23(7), 1999, pp. 675-680

Authors: Ashton, A Balyckyi, J Barton, R Bolger, J Cruickshank, C Davidson, J Dearnaley, D Elyan, S Harmer, C Hoskin, P Jose, C Maitland, L Melville, P Meyer, L Neal, A Regan, J Skeet, O Skelton, L Tait, D Wardle, J Wynne, C Yarnold, J
Citation: A. Ashton et al., 8 Gy single fraction radiotherapy for the treatment of metastatic skeletalpain: randomised comparison with a multifraction schedule over 12 months of patient follow-up, RADIOTH ONC, 52(2), 1999, pp. 111-121

Authors: Carney, T Tait, D
Citation: T. Carney et D. Tait, Sterilization - Tribunal experiments in popular justice?, INT J LAW P, 22(2), 1999, pp. 177-197

Authors: Dearnaley, DP Khoo, VS Norman, AR Meyer, L Nahum, A Tait, D Yarnold, J Horwich, A
Citation: Dp. Dearnaley et al., Comparison of radiation side-effects of conformal and conventional radiotherapy in prostate cancer: a randomised trial, LANCET, 353(9149), 1999, pp. 267-272

Authors: Wiechen, A Tait, D Haase, G
Citation: A. Wiechen et al., Alpha spectrometric determination of plutonium isotopes in soils from Germany, KIEL MILCHW, 51(3), 1999, pp. 225-236

Authors: Lee, CHM Tait, D Nahum, AE Webb, S
Citation: Chm. Lee et al., Comparison of proton therapy and conformal X-ray therapy in non-small celllung cancer (NSCLC), BR J RADIOL, 72(863), 1999, pp. 1078-1084
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