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Authors: She, JH Schneider, H Inoue, T Suzuki, M Sodeoka, S Ueno, K
Citation: Jh. She et al., Fabrication of low-shrinkage reaction-bonded alumina-mullite composites, MATER CH PH, 68(1-3), 2001, pp. 105-109

Authors: Suzuki, H Suzuki, M
Citation: H. Suzuki et M. Suzuki, Calculation of the critical temperature of an interacting Bose gas by meanfield approximation, INT J MOD B, 15(17), 2001, pp. 2335-2349

Authors: Suzuki, M
Citation: M. Suzuki, Extrapolation of K -> pi pi decay amplitude, INT J MOD P, 16(28), 2001, pp. 4637-4658

Authors: Ogasawara, K Ogawa, A Ezura, M Konno, H Suzuki, M Yoshimoto, T
Citation: K. Ogasawara et al., Brain single-photon emission CT studies using Tc-99m-HMPAO and Tc-99m-ECD early after recanalization by local intraarterial thrombolysis in patients with acute embolic middle cerebral artery occlusion, AM J NEUROR, 22(1), 2001, pp. 48-53

Authors: Saito, A Nakazawa, N Suzuki, M
Citation: A. Saito et al., Selection of mutants resistant to Alternaria blotch from in vitro-culturedapple shoots irradiated with X- and gamma-rays, J PLANT PHY, 158(3), 2001, pp. 391-400

Authors: Hasegawa, H Fukasawa-Akada, T Okuno, T Niizeki, M Suzuki, M
Citation: H. Hasegawa et al., Anthocyanin accumulation and related gene expression in Japanese parsley (Oenanthe stolonifera, DC.) induced by low temperature, J PLANT PHY, 158(1), 2001, pp. 71-78

Authors: Utsunomiya, T Emi, Y Ikejiri, K Suzuki, M Saitsu, H Yakabe, S Nonaka, M Saku, M Yoshida, K Shimada, M Sugimachi, K
Citation: T. Utsunomiya et al., Retrospective study on the effects of lipiodolization before a potentiallycurative hepatectomy for colorectal liver metastases: Long-term results ofa pilot study, HEP-GASTRO, 48(39), 2001, pp. 790-793

Authors: Shibuya, K Fujisawa, T Hoshino, H Baba, M Saitoh, Y Iizasa, T Suzuki, M Otsuji, M Hiroshima, K Ohwada, H
Citation: K. Shibuya et al., Fluorescence bronchoscopy in the detection of preinvasive bronchial lesions in patients with sputum cytology suspicious or positive for malignancy, LUNG CANC, 32(1), 2001, pp. 19-25

Authors: Suzuki, M Saito, Y
Citation: M. Suzuki et Y. Saito, Structural stability of ultrathin silicon oxynitride film improved by incorporated nitrogen, APPL SURF S, 173(3-4), 2001, pp. 171-176

Authors: Hayakawa, S Suzuki, M Oshima, M Hirokawa, T
Citation: S. Hayakawa et al., Development of a compact beam intensity monitor for micro X-ray absorptionfine structure measurements, NUCL INST A, 467, 2001, pp. 901-904

Authors: Ishimatsu, N Ohishi, Y Suzuki, M Kawamura, N Ito, M Maruyama, H Nasu, S Kawakami, T Shimomura, O
Citation: N. Ishimatsu et al., X-ray magnetic circular dichroism studies of Fe4N under high-pressure, NUCL INST A, 467, 2001, pp. 1061-1064

Authors: Suzuki, M Toyokawa, H Mizumaki, M Ohashi, Y Yagi, N Kamitsubo, H Kuroda, K Gorin, A Manouilov, I Riazantsuev, A Nomachi, M Yosoi, M Ishikawa, T Morimoto, K Tokanai, F
Citation: M. Suzuki et al., A YAP(Ce) imager operated in high energy X-ray region, NUCL INST A, 467, 2001, pp. 1121-1124

Authors: Toyokawa, H Itou, M Mizumaki, M Sakurai, Y Suzuki, M Hiraoka, N Sakai, N
Citation: H. Toyokawa et al., Development of a one-dimensional microstrip germanium detector for Comptonscattering experiment at SPring-8, NUCL INST A, 467, 2001, pp. 1132-1135

Authors: Toyokawa, H Fujisawa, T Inoko, Y Nagayoshi, T Nishi, Y Nishikawa, Y Ochi, A Suzuki, M Tanimori, T
Citation: H. Toyokawa et al., Performance of a micro-strip gas chamber in solution X-ray scattering, NUCL INST A, 467, 2001, pp. 1144-1147

Authors: Hayashi, K Miyake, M Tobioka, T Awakura, Y Suzuki, M Hayakawa, S
Citation: K. Hayashi et al., Development of apparatus for multiple energy X-ray holography at SPring-8, NUCL INST A, 467, 2001, pp. 1241-1244

Authors: Sakabe, N Sakabe, K Higashi, T Igarashi, N Suzuki, M Watanabe, N Sasaki, K
Citation: N. Sakabe et al., Automatic Weissenberg data collection system for time-resolved protein crystallography, NUCL INST A, 467, 2001, pp. 1367-1371

Authors: Suzuki, M Kawamura, N Ishikawa, T
Citation: M. Suzuki et al., Energy-modulation spectroscopy in hard X-ray region, NUCL INST A, 467, 2001, pp. 1568-1571

Authors: Tamasaku, K Tanaka, Y Yabashi, M Yamazaki, H Kawamura, N Suzuki, M Ishikawa, T
Citation: K. Tamasaku et al., SPring-8 RIKEN beamline III for coherent X-ray optics, NUCL INST A, 467, 2001, pp. 686-689

Authors: Nakanishi, T Fukushima, S Okamoto, K Suzuki, M Matsumura, Y Yokoyama, M Okano, T Sakurai, Y Kataoka, K
Citation: T. Nakanishi et al., Development of the polymer micelle carrier system for doxorubicin, J CONTR REL, 74(1-3), 2001, pp. 295-302

Authors: Sakai, Y Shoji, R Kim, BS Sakoda, A Suzuki, M
Citation: Y. Sakai et al., Cultured human-cell-based bioassay for environmental risk management, ENV MON ASS, 70(1-2), 2001, pp. 57-70

Authors: Suzuki, M Kobayashi, H Tanaka, Y Hirashima, Y Terao, T
Citation: M. Suzuki et al., Structure and function analysis of urinary trypsin inhibitor (UTI): identification of binding domains and signaling property of UTI by analysis of truncated proteins, BBA-PROT ST, 1547(1), 2001, pp. 26-36

Authors: Masui, M Suzuki, M Fujise, Y Kanayama, N
Citation: M. Masui et al., Calcium-induced changes in chondroitin sulfate chains of urinary trypsin inhibitor, BBA-PROT ST, 1546(2), 2001, pp. 261-267

Authors: Takatsuka, H Sakurai, Y Yoshioka, A Kokubo, T Usami, Y Suzuki, M Matsui, T Titani, K Yagi, H Matsumoto, M Fujimura, Y
Citation: H. Takatsuka et al., Molecular characterization of L-amino acid oxidase from Agkistrodon halys blomhoffii with special reference to platelet aggregation, BBA-PROT ST, 1544(1-2), 2001, pp. 267-277

Authors: Kuriyama-Matsumura, K Sato, H Suzuki, M Bannai, S
Citation: K. Kuriyama-matsumura et al., Effects of hyperoxia and iron on iron regulatory protein-1 activity and the ferritin synthesis in mouse peritoneal macrophages, BBA-PROT ST, 1544(1-2), 2001, pp. 370-377

Authors: Inaba, H Hayashi, H Suzuki, M
Citation: H. Inaba et al., Structural phase transition of perovskite oxides LaMO3 and La0.9Sr0.1MO3 with different size of B-site ions, SOL ST ION, 144(1-2), 2001, pp. 99-108
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