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Authors: Stevens, DL
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Authors: Bryant, AE Chen, RYZ Nagata, Y Wang, Y Lee, CH Finegold, S Guth, PH Stevens, DL
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Authors: Bryant, AE Chen, RYZ Nagata, Y Wang, Y Lee, CH Finegold, S Guth, PH Stevens, DL
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Authors: Stevens, DL
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Authors: Madaras-Kelly, KJ DeMasters, TA Stevens, DL
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Authors: Stevens, DL
Citation: Dl. Stevens, Towns and villages of the lower Ohio, PUBLIC HIST, 21(1), 1999, pp. 120-122

Authors: Schuft, MJ Moser, TJ Wigington, PJ Stevens, DL McAllister, LS Chapman, SS Ernst, TL
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Authors: du Penhoat, MAH Fayard, B Abel, F Touati, A Gobert, F Despiney-Bailly, I Ricoul, M Sabatier, L Stevens, DL Hill, MA Goodhead, DT Chetioui, A
Citation: Mah. Du Penhoat et al., Lethal effect of carbon K-shell photoionizations in Chinese hamster V79 cell nuclei: Experimental method and theoretical analysis, RADIAT RES, 151(6), 1999, pp. 649-658
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