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Authors: Benes, C Soltoff, SP
Citation: C. Benes et Sp. Soltoff, Modulation of PKC delta tyrosine phosphorylation and activity in salivary and PC-12 cells by Src kinases, AM J P-CELL, 280(6), 2001, pp. C1498-C1510

Authors: Singh, VP Saluja, AK Bhagat, L van Acker, GJD Song, AM Soltoff, SP Cantley, LC Steer, ML
Citation: Vp. Singh et al., Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-dependent activation of trypsinogen modulates the severity of acute pancreatitis, J CLIN INV, 108(9), 2001, pp. 1387-1394

Authors: Soltoff, SP
Citation: Sp. Soltoff, Rottlerin is a mitochondrial uncoupler that decreases cellular ATP levels and indirectly blocks protein kinase C delta tyrosine phosphorylation, J BIOL CHEM, 276(41), 2001, pp. 37986-37992

Authors: Warny, M Aboudola, S Robson, SC Sevigny, J Communi, D Soltoff, SP Kelly, CP
Citation: M. Warny et al., P2Y(6) nucleotide receptor mediates monocyte interleukin-8 production in response to UDP or lipopolysaccharide, J BIOL CHEM, 276(28), 2001, pp. 26051-26056

Authors: Benes, C Zheng, Y Soltoff, SP
Citation: C. Benes et al., Activation of PKC delta by tyrosine phosphorylation in rat parotid acinar cells, J KOR MED S, 15, 2000, pp. S40-S41

Authors: Zhang, Z Yang, XY Soltoff, SP Cohen, DM
Citation: Z. Zhang et al., PI3K signaling in the murine kidney inner medullary cell response to urea, AM J P-REN, 278(1), 2000, pp. F155-F164

Authors: DeMali, KA Godwin, SL Soltoff, SP Kazlauskas, A
Citation: Ka. Demali et al., Multiple roles for Src in a PDGF-stimulated cell, EXP CELL RE, 253(1), 1999, pp. 271-279
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