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Authors: Singleton, BK Green, CA Avent, ND Martin, PG Smart, E Daka, A Narter-Olaga, EG Hawthorne, LM Daniels, G
Citation: Bk. Singleton et al., The presence of an RHD pseudogene containing a 37 base pair duplication and a nonsense mutation in Africans with the Rh D-negative blood group phenotype, BLOOD, 95(1), 2000, pp. 12-18

Authors: Singleton, BK Torres-Arzayus, MI Rottinghaus, ST Taccioli, GE Jeggo, PA
Citation: Bk. Singleton et al., The C terminus of Ku80 activates the DNA-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit, MOL CELL B, 19(5), 1999, pp. 3267-3277

Authors: Peake, J Waugh, A Le Deist, F Priestley, A Rieux-Laucat, F Foray, N Capulas, E Singleton, BK de Villartay, JP Cant, A Malaise, EP Fischer, A Hivroz, C Jeggo, PA
Citation: J. Peake et al., Combined immunodeficiency associated with increased apoptosis of lymphocytes and radiosensitivity of fibroblasts, CANCER RES, 59(14), 1999, pp. 3454-3460

Authors: Singleton, BK Jeggo, PA
Citation: Bk. Singleton et Pa. Jeggo, Double-strand break repair and V(D)J recombination, FR MOLEC B, 22, 1999, pp. 16-37
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