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Authors: Adunsky, A Wershawski, M Arad, M Heruti, R Siev-Ner, I Heim, M
Citation: A. Adunsky et al., Non-traumatic lower limb older amputees: a database survey from a geriatric centre, DISABIL REH, 23(2), 2001, pp. 80-84

Authors: Heim, M Warshavsky, M Siev-Ner, I Azaria, M
Citation: M. Heim et al., Successful fitting of a prosthesis for a child amputee suffering from scleroderma, DISABIL REH, 23(10), 2001, pp. 448-450

Authors: Siev-Ner, I Heim, M Wershavski, M Adunsky, A Azaria, M
Citation: I. Siev-ner et al., Why knee disarticulation (through-knee-amputation) is appropriate for non ambulatory patients, DISABIL REH, 22(18), 2000, pp. 862-864

Authors: Heim, M Wershavski, M Azizi, E Siev-Ner, I Azaria, M
Citation: M. Heim et al., Rehabilitation considerations of prosthetic fittings for Kaposi's sarcoma amputees, DISABIL REH, 22(16), 2000, pp. 734-736

Authors: Shinar, Y Pras, E Siev-Ner, I Gamus, D Brautbar, C Israel, S Achiron, A
Citation: Y. Shinar et al., Analysis of allelic association between D6S461 marker and multiple sclerosis in Ashkenazi and Iraqi Jewish patients, J MOL NEURO, 11(3), 1998, pp. 265-269
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