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Authors: Kim, DH Cho, HI Zyung, T Do, LM Bark, KM Shin, GC Shin, SC
Citation: Dh. Kim et al., New tetradentate Schiff-base polymers: preparation of poly[2,5-(didodecyloxy)phenylene-1,4-diyl-alt-N,N '-(o-phenylene)-bis(salicylideneiminato-4,4 '-diyl)] and poly[2,5-(didodecyloxy)phenylene-1,4-diyl-alt-N,N '-(alkylidene)-bis(salicylideneiminato-4,4 '-diyl)]s, EUR POLYM J, 38(1), 2002, pp. 133-137

Authors: Shin, GC Choi, SC Jung, KD Han, SH
Citation: Gc. Shin et al., Mechanism of M ferrites (M = Cu and Ni) in the CO2 decomposition reaction, CHEM MATER, 13(4), 2001, pp. 1238-1242

Authors: Na, BK Lee, JS Shin, GC Shin, JM Lee, JY Chung, JK Ha, DR Lee, JK Ma, SH Cho, HW Kang, C Kim, WJ
Citation: Bk. Na et al., Sequence analysis of hemagglutinin and nucleoprotein genes of measles viruses isolated in Korea during the 2000 epidemic, VIRUS RES, 81(1-2), 2001, pp. 143-149
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