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Authors: Shibata, T Sasaya, T Kawahara, N
Citation: T. Shibata et al., Development of in-pipe microrobot using microwave energy transmission, ELEC C JP 2, 84(11), 2001, pp. 1-8

Authors: Wee, KH Shibata, T Ohmi, T
Citation: Kh. Wee et al., A simple random noise generator employing metal-oxide-semiconductor-field-effect-transistor channel KT/C noise and low-capacitance loading buffer, JPN J A P 1, 40(7), 2001, pp. 4501-4507

Authors: Murayama, T Sugimoto, N Uno, I Kinoshita, K Aoki, K Hagiwara, N Liu, ZY Matsui, I Sakai, T Shibata, T Arao, K Sohn, BJ Won, JG Yoon, SC Li, T Zhou, J Hu, HL Abo, M Iokibe, K Koga, R Iwasaka, Y
Citation: T. Murayama et al., Ground-based network observation of Asian dust events of April 1998 in east Asia, J GEO RES-A, 106(D16), 2001, pp. 18345-18359

Authors: Sakurai, I Shibata, T Minobe, M Kawamura, Y
Citation: I. Sakurai et al., Free vertical growth of myelin figures, MOLEC CRYST, 363, 2001, pp. 157

Authors: Hamada, J Nakata, D Nakae, D Kobayashi, Y Akai, H Konishi, Y Okada, F Shibata, T Hosokawa, M Moriuchi, T
Citation: J. Hamada et al., Increased oxidative DNA damage in mammary tumor cells by continuous epidermal growth factor stimulation, J NAT CANC, 93(3), 2001, pp. 214-219

Authors: Hasegawa, M Mishima, M Matsumoto, I Sasaki, T Kimura, T Baba, Y Senami, K Kanemura, K Takano, O Shibata, T
Citation: M. Hasegawa et al., Confirming the theoretical structure of the Japanese version of the McGillPain Questionnaire in chronic pain, PAIN MED, 2(1), 2001, pp. 52-59

Authors: Sasaki, S Shibata, T Torigoe, H Shibata, Y Maeda, M
Citation: S. Sasaki et al., Novel class of DNA binding motifs based on bistetrahydrofuran and bisfuranskeleton with long alkyl chains, NUCLEOS NUC, 20(4-7), 2001, pp. 551-558

Authors: Shibata, T Yamashita, K Ishida, H Takagi, K
Citation: T. Shibata et al., Iridium complex catalyzed carbonylative alkyne-alkyne coupling for the synthesis of cyclopentadienones, ORG LETT, 3(8), 2001, pp. 1217-1219

Authors: Ohno, T Sakai, M Ishino, Y Shibata, T Maekawa, H Nishiguchi, I
Citation: T. Ohno et al., Mg-promoted regio- and stereoselective C-acylation of aromatic alpha,beta-unsaturated carbonyl compounds, ORG LETT, 3(22), 2001, pp. 3439-3442

Authors: Vordermark, D Shibata, T Brown, JM
Citation: D. Vordermark et al., Green fluorescent protein is a suitable reporter of tumor hypoxia despite an oxygen requirement for chromophore formation, NEOPLASIA, 3(6), 2001, pp. 527-534

Authors: Kamidate, T Kaide, T Tani, H Makino, E Shibata, T
Citation: T. Kamidate et al., Effect of the geometry of microfabricated flow reactors on chemiluminescent detection of epinephrine with lucigenin, LUMINESCENC, 16(5), 2001, pp. 337-342

Authors: Tanji, S Shibata, T Soai, K
Citation: S. Tanji et al., Unusual chemoselective addition of diisopropylzinc to 2,2 '-bipyridine-5,5'-dicarbonyl compounds in the 2-position and autoxidative reconversion with carbon-carbon bond cleavage, J CHEM S P1, (3), 2001, pp. 217-218

Authors: Kawamura, Y Shibata, T Inoue, A Masumoto, T Nonaka, K Nakajima, H Zhang, T
Citation: Y. Kawamura et al., Stress relaxation and diffusion in Zr-based metallic glasses having wide supercooled liquid regions, ADV MATERIA, 3, 2001, pp. 52-68

Authors: Sato, I Yamashima, R Kadowaki, K Yamamoto, J Shibata, T Soai, K
Citation: I. Sato et al., Asymmetric induction by helical hydrocarbons: [6]- and [5]helicenes, ANGEW CHEM, 40(6), 2001, pp. 1096

Authors: Shibata, T
Citation: T. Shibata, Precise asymptotic formulas for semilinear eigenvalue problems, ANN HENRI P, 2(4), 2001, pp. 713-732

Authors: Shibata, T Nakamura, H Yamano, Y
Citation: T. Shibata et al., Intradural arachnoid cyst associated with thoracic spinal compression fracture: 7-year follow up after surgery, SPINAL CORD, 39(11), 2001, pp. 599-601

Authors: Sakamoto, J Shibata, T Mine, T Miyahara, R Torigoe, T Noguchi, S Matsushita, K Sone, N
Citation: J. Sakamoto et al., Cytochrome c oxidase contains an extra charged amino acid cluster in a newtype of respiratory chain in the amino-acid-producing Gram-positive bacterium Corynebacterium glutamicum, MICROBI-SGM, 147, 2001, pp. 2865-2871

Authors: Shibata, T
Citation: T. Shibata, Electrochemistry as a basis of corrosion science, ELECTROCH, 69(1), 2001, pp. 58-58

Authors: Yasui, K Shibata, T Yokoyama, U Nishizawa, T Takigiku, K Sakon, T Kobayashi, H Iwamoto, M Nimura, I
Citation: K. Yasui et al., Idiopathic sustained left ventricular tachycardia in pediatric patients, PEDIATR INT, 43(1), 2001, pp. 42-47

Authors: Suzuki, Y Kitazawa, Y Araie, M Yamagami, J Yamamoto, T Ishida, K Tsuji, A Abe, H Shirakashi, M Funaki, S Mishima, HK Tsukamoto, H Okada, K Shibata, T
Citation: Y. Suzuki et al., Mathematical and optimal clustering of test points of the central 30-degree visual field of glaucoma, J GLAUCOMA, 10(2), 2001, pp. 121-128

Authors: Takamura, M Murakami, T Shibata, T Ishida, T Niinobu, T Kawata, S Shimizu, J Kim, T Monden, M Nakamura, H
Citation: M. Takamura et al., Microwave coagulation therapy with interruption of hepatic blood in- or outflow: An experimental study, J VAS INT R, 12(5), 2001, pp. 619-622

Authors: Takada, K Abe, M Shibata, T Okamoto, K
Citation: K. Takada et al., 10-GHz-spaced 1010-channel tandem AWG filter consisting of one primary andten secondary AWGs, IEEE PHOTON, 13(6), 2001, pp. 577-578

Authors: Horikoshi, S Yoshikawa, M Shibata, T Takahashi, K Shirato, I Tomino, Y
Citation: S. Horikoshi et al., Protein localization and mRNA expression of epimorphin in mouse and human kidneys, EXP NEPHROL, 9(6), 2001, pp. 412-419

Authors: Imai, Y Shibata, T Maki, S Niwa, H Ohashi, M Hirano, T
Citation: Y. Imai et al., Fluorescence properties of phenolate anions of coelenteramide analogues: the light-emitter structure in aequorin bioluminescence, J PHOTOCH A, 146(1-2), 2001, pp. 95-107

Authors: Cao, YJ Shibata, T Rainov, NG
Citation: Yj. Cao et al., Hypoxia-inducible transgene expression in differentiated human NT2N neurons - a cell culture model for gene therapy of postischemic neuronal loss, GENE THER, 8(17), 2001, pp. 1357-1362
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