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Authors: She
Citation: She, Sex and a career (Archaeology, gender roles), WORLD ARCHA, 32(2), 2000, pp. 166-172

Authors: Tanaka,She,Wilcox
Citation: Tanaka,she,wilcox, Effects and mechanism of tissue-type plasminogen activator and plasminogenactivator inhibitor on vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation - Discussion, INT J CARD, 66, 1998, pp. S65-S65

Authors: Nishimura,Mehra,She
Citation: Nishimura,mehra,she, Immunogenetic analysis of Takayasu arteritis in Indian patients - Discussion, INT J CARD, 66, 1998, pp. S133-S133

Authors: Numano,Kimura,Sharma,Inoue-Sato,Wilcox,Kobayashi,Flamm,Mandell,Tanaka,Iglesias,Mehra,She,Shionoya,Ouchi,Nakabayashi,Nakajima
Citation: Numano,kimura,sharma,inoue-sato,wilcox,kobayashi,flamm,mandell,tanaka,iglesias,mehra,she,shionoya,ouchi,nakabayashi,nakajima, Buerger disease - General discussion, INT J CARD, 66, 1998, pp. S287-S290
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