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Authors: Massiera, F Bloch-Faure, M Ceiler, D Murakami, K Fukamizu, A Gasc, JM Quignard-Boulange, A Negrel, R Ailhaud, G Seydoux, J Meneton, P Teboul, M
Citation: F. Massiera et al., Adipose angiotensinogen is involved in adipose tissue growth and blood pressure regulation, FASEB J, 15(12), 2001, pp. NIL_197-NIL_220

Authors: Barnes, PD Bunker, B Dennert, H Eisenstein, RA Eyrich, W Fischer, H Franklin, G Franz, J Geyer, R Harris, P Hauffe, J Hertzog, D Johansson, T Jones, T Kilian, K Oelert, W Pomp, S Quinn, B Rohrich, K Rossle, E Sachs, K Schmitt, H Sefzick, T Seydoux, J Stinzing, F Tayloe, R Todenhagen, R Traneus, E Wirth, S
Citation: Pd. Barnes et al., Measurement of the (p)over-bar-p -> KSKS eta cross section at beam momentain the regions of 1.45 and 1.7 GeV/c, PHYS LETT B, 516(3-4), 2001, pp. 257-263

Authors: Dulloo, AG Samec, S Seydoux, J
Citation: Ag. Dulloo et al., Uncoupling protein 3 and fatty acid metabolism, BIOCH SOC T, 29, 2001, pp. 785-791

Authors: Burcelin, R Brunner, HR Seydoux, J Thorens, B Pedrazzini, T
Citation: R. Burcelin et al., Increased insulin concentrations and glucose storage in neuropeptide YY1 receptor-deficient mice, PEPTIDES, 22(3), 2001, pp. 421-427

Authors: Van der Lee, KAJM Willemsen, PHM Samec, S Seydoux, J Dulloo, AG Pelsers, MMAL Glatz, JFC Van der Vusse, GJ Van Bilsen, M
Citation: Kajm. Van Der Lee et al., Fasting-induced changes in the expression of genes controlling substrate metabolism in the rat heart, J LIPID RES, 42(11), 2001, pp. 1752-1758

Authors: Massiera, F Seydoux, J Geloen, A Quignard-Boulange, A Turban, S Saint-Marc, P Fukamizu, A Negrel, R Ailhaud, G Teboul, M
Citation: F. Massiera et al., Angiotensinogen-deficient mice exhibit impairment of diet-induced weight gain with alteration in adipose tissue development and increased locomotor activity, ENDOCRINOL, 142(12), 2001, pp. 5220-5225

Authors: Arsenijevic, D Garcia, I Vesin, C Vesin, D Arsenijevic, Y Seydoux, J Girardier, L Ryffel, B Dulloo, A Richard, D
Citation: D. Arsenijevic et al., Differential roles of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interferon-gamma in mouse hypermetabolic and anorectic responses induced by LPS, EUR CYTOKIN, 11(4), 2000, pp. 662-668

Authors: Dulloo, AG Seydoux, J Girardier, L Chantre, P Vandermander, J
Citation: Ag. Dulloo et al., Green tea and thermogenesis: interactions between catechin-polyphenols, caffeine and sympathetic activity, INT J OBES, 24(2), 2000, pp. 252-258

Authors: Samec, S Seydoux, J Dulloo, AG
Citation: S. Samec et al., Downregulation of skeletal muscle UCP-3 gene expression during refeeding is prevented by cold exposure, PFLUG ARCH, 439(6), 2000, pp. 723-729

Authors: Pedrazzini, T Seydoux, J
Citation: T. Pedrazzini et J. Seydoux, Neuropeptide YY1 receptor-deficient mice - Generation and characterization, METH MOL B, 153, 2000, pp. 91-100

Authors: Samec, S Seydoux, J Dulloo, AG
Citation: S. Samec et al., Skeletal muscle UCP3 and UCP2 gene expression in response to inhibition offree fatty acid flux through mitochondrial beta-oxidation, PFLUG ARCH, 438(4), 1999, pp. 452-457

Authors: Kersten, S Seydoux, J Peters, JM Gonzalez, FJ Desvergne, B Wrahli, W
Citation: S. Kersten et al., Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha mediates the adaptive response to fasting, J CLIN INV, 103(11), 1999, pp. 1489-1498

Authors: Cadenas, S Buckingham, JA Samec, S Seydoux, J Din, N Dulloo, AG Brand, MD
Citation: S. Cadenas et al., UCP2 and UCP3 rise in starved rat skeletal muscle but mitochondrial protonconductance is unchanged, FEBS LETTER, 462(3), 1999, pp. 257-260

Authors: Samec, S Seydoux, J Dulloo, AG
Citation: S. Samec et al., Post-starvation gene expression of skeletal muscle uncoupling protein 2 and uncoupling protein 3 in response to dietary fat levels and fatty acid composition - A link with insulin resistance, DIABETES, 48(2), 1999, pp. 436-441
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