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Authors: Fong, KM Sekido, Y Minna, JD
Citation: Km. Fong et al., The molecular basis of lung carcinogenesis, MOLECULAR BASIS OF HUMAN CANCER, 2002, pp. 379-405

Authors: Burbee, DG Forgacs, E Zochbauer-Muller, S Shivakumar, L Fong, K Gao, BN Randle, D Kondo, M Virmani, A Bader, S Sekido, Y Latif, F Milchgrub, S Toyooka, S Gazdar, AF Lerman, MI Zabarovsky, E White, M Minna, JD
Citation: Dg. Burbee et al., Epigenetic inactivation of RASSF14 in lung and breast cancers and malignant phenotype suppression, J NAT CANC, 93(9), 2001, pp. 691-699

Authors: Ando, M Ando, Y Hasegawa, Y Sekido, Y Shimokata, K Horibe, K
Citation: M. Ando et al., Genetic polymorphisms of thiopurine S-methyltransferase and 6-mercaptopurine toxicity in Japanese children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, PHARMACOGEN, 11(3), 2001, pp. 269-273

Authors: Kondo, M Ji, L Kamibayashi, C Tomizawa, Y Randle, D Sekido, Y Yokota, J Kashuba, V Zabarovsky, E Kuzmin, I Lerman, M Roth, J Minna, JD
Citation: M. Kondo et al., Overexpression of candidate tumor suppressor gene FUS1 isolated from the 3p21.3 homozygous deletion region leads to G1 arrest and growth inhibition of lung cancer cells, ONCOGENE, 20(43), 2001, pp. 6258-6262

Authors: Shigemitsu, K Sekido, Y Usami, N Mori, S Sato, M Horio, Y Hasegawa, Y Bader, SA Gazdar, AF Minna, JD Hida, T Yoshioka, H Imaizumi, M Ueda, Y Takahashi, M Shimokata, K
Citation: K. Shigemitsu et al., Genetic alteration of the beta-catenin gene (CTNNB1) in human lung cancer and malignant mesothelioma and identification of a new 3p21.3 homozygous deletion, ONCOGENE, 20(31), 2001, pp. 4249-4257

Authors: Noguchi, M Imaizumi, K Kawabe, T Wakayama, H Horio, Y Sekido, Y Hara, T Hashimoto, N Takahashi, M Shimokata, K Hasegawa, Y
Citation: M. Noguchi et al., Induction of antitumor immunity by transduction of CD40 ligand gene and interferon-gamma gene into lung cancer, CANC GENE T, 8(6), 2001, pp. 421-429

Authors: Aoshima, T Kajita, T Sekido, Y Mimura, S Itakura, A Yasuda, I Saheki, T Watanabe, K Shimokata, K Niwa, T
Citation: T. Aoshima et al., Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase I deficiency: molecular genetic findings and prenatal diagnosis, PRENAT DIAG, 21(8), 2001, pp. 634-637

Authors: Ohno, J Horio, Y Sekido, Y Hasegawa, Y Takahashi, M Nishizawa, J Saito, H Ishikawa, F Shimokata, K
Citation: J. Ohno et al., Telomerase activation and p53 mutations in urethane-induced A/J mouse lungtumor development, CARCINOGENE, 22(5), 2001, pp. 751-756

Authors: Tomizawa, Y Sekido, Y Kondo, M Gao, BN Yokota, J Roche, J Drabkin, H Lerman, MI Gazdar, AF Minna, JD
Citation: Y. Tomizawa et al., Inhibition of lung cancer cell growth and induction of apoptosis after reexpression of 3p21.3 candidate tumor suppressor gene SEMA3B, P NAS US, 98(24), 2001, pp. 13954-13959

Authors: Aoshima, T Kajita, M Sekido, Y Kikuchi, S Yasuda, I Saheki, T Watanabe, K Shimokata, K Niwa, T
Citation: T. Aoshima et al., Novel mutations (H337R and 238-362del) in the CPS1 gene cause carbamoyl phosphate synthetase I deficiency, HUMAN HERED, 52(2), 2001, pp. 99-101

Authors: Ariga, M Sekido, Y Sakai, A Baba, T Matsutani, A Koyama, F Iga, K
Citation: M. Ariga et al., Low threshold GaInAsP lasers with semiconductor/air distributed Bragg reflector fabricated by inductively coupled plasma etching, JPN J A P 1, 39(6A), 2000, pp. 3406-3409

Authors: Sekido, Y Satoh, F Usui, Y Tsutsumi, Y
Citation: Y. Sekido et al., Sarcomatoid carcinoma of the renal pelvis: A case report, PATHOL INT, 50(7), 2000, pp. 562-567

Authors: Hamada, K Kohno, T Takahashi, M Yamazaki, M Tashiro, H Sugawara, C Ohwada, S Sekido, Y Minna, JD Yokota, J
Citation: K. Hamada et al., Two regions of homozygous deletion clusters at chromosome band 9p21 in human lung cancer, GENE CHROM, 27(3), 2000, pp. 308-318

Authors: Horio, Y Hasegawa, Y Sekido, Y Takahashi, M Roth, JA Shimokata, K
Citation: Y. Horio et al., Synergistic effects of adenovirus expressing wild-type p53 on chemosensitivity of non-small cell lung cancer cells, CANC GENE T, 7(4), 2000, pp. 537-544

Authors: Sato, M Sekido, Y Horio, Y Takahashi, M Saito, H Minna, JD Shimokata, K Hasegawa, Y
Citation: M. Sato et al., Infrequent mutation of the hBUB1 and hBUBR1 genes in human lung cancer, JPN J CANC, 91(5), 2000, pp. 504-509

Authors: Gao, BN Sekido, Y Maximov, A Saad, M Forgacs, E Latif, F Wei, MH Lerman, M Lee, JH Perez-Reyes, E Bezprozvanny, I Minna, JD
Citation: Bn. Gao et al., Functional properties of a new voltage-dependent calcium channel alpha(2)delta auxiliary subunit gene (CACNA2D2), J BIOL CHEM, 275(16), 2000, pp. 12237-12242

Authors: Aoshima, T Sekido, Y Miyazaki, T Kajita, M Mimura, S Watanabe, K Shimokata, K Niwa, T
Citation: T. Aoshima et al., Rapid detection of deletion mutations in inherited metabolic diseases by melting curve analysis with LightCyler, CLIN CHEM, 46(1), 2000, pp. 119-122

Authors: Ando, Y Tateishi, T Sekido, Y Yamamoto, T Satoh, T Hasegawa, Y Kobayashi, S Katsumata, Y Shimokata, K Saito, H
Citation: Y. Ando et al., Modification of clinical presentation of prostate tumors by a novel genetic variant in CYP3A4, J NAT CANC, 91(18), 1999, pp. 1587-1588

Authors: Fong, KM Sekido, Y Minna, JD
Citation: Km. Fong et al., Molecular pathogenesis of lung cancer, J THOR SURG, 118(6), 1999, pp. 1136-1152
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