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Authors: Engels, J Holtmann, S Mendes, T Schulze, T
Citation: J. Engels et al., A numerical study of Goldstone-mode effects and scaling functions of the three-dimensional O(2) model, NUCL PH B-P, 94, 2001, pp. 861-864

Authors: Engels, J Holtmann, S Mendes, T Schulze, T
Citation: J. Engels et al., Finite-size-scaling functions for 3d O (4) and O (2) spin models and QCD, PHYS LETT B, 514(3-4), 2001, pp. 299-308

Authors: Muther, T Schulze, T Jurgens, D Oberthaler, MK Mlynek, J
Citation: T. Muther et al., Three-dimensional nanolithography with light forces, MICROEL ENG, 57-8, 2001, pp. 857-863

Authors: Souery, D Van Gestel, S Massat, I Blairy, S Adolfsson, R Blackwood, D Del-Favero, J Dikeos, D Jakovljevic, M Kaneva, R Lattuada, E Lerer, B Lilli, L Milanova, V Muir, W Nothen, M Oruc, L Papadimitriou, G Propping, P Schulze, T Serretti, A Shapira, B Smeraldi, E Stefanis, C Thomson, M Van Broeckhoven, C Mendlewicz, J
Citation: D. Souery et al., Tryptophan hydroxylase polymorphism and suicidality in unipolar and bipolar affective disorders: A multicenter association study, BIOL PSYCHI, 49(5), 2001, pp. 405-409

Authors: Schulze, T Muther, T Jurgens, D Brezger, B Oberthaler, MK Pfau, T Mlynek, J
Citation: T. Schulze et al., Structured doping with light forces, APPL PHYS L, 78(12), 2001, pp. 1781-1783

Authors: Horikawa, Y Oda, N Cox, NJ Li, XQ Orho-Melander, M Hara, M Hinokio, Y Lindner, TH Mashima, H Schwarz, PEH del Bosque-Plata, L Horikawa, Y Oda, Y Yoshiuchi, I Colilla, S Polonsky, KS Wei, S Concannon, P Iwasaki, N Schulze, T Baier, LJ Bogardus, C Groop, L Boerwinkle, E Hanis, CL Bell, GI
Citation: Y. Horikawa et al., Genetic variation in the gene encoding calpain-10 is associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus, NAT GENET, 26(2), 2000, pp. 163-175

Authors: Schulze, T Brezger, B Mertens, R Pivk, M Pfau, T Mlynek, J
Citation: T. Schulze et al., Writing a superlattice with light forces, APP PHYS B, 70(5), 2000, pp. 671-674

Authors: Held, T Weber, T Krausz, H Ahle, G Hager, B Alfter, D Schulze, T Knapp, M Maier, W Rietschel, M
Citation: T. Held et al., Clinical characteristics of patients with tardive dyskinesia, F NEUR PSYC, 68(7), 2000, pp. 321-331

Authors: Engels, J Holtmann, S Mendes, T Schulze, T
Citation: J. Engels et al., Equation of state and Goldstone-mode effects of the three-dimensional O(2)model, PHYS LETT B, 492(1-2), 2000, pp. 219-227

Authors: Krauss, H Marwinski, K Schulze, T Mueller, DJ Held, T Rietschel, M Maier, W Freyberger, HJ
Citation: H. Krauss et al., Data on the reliability and validity of the German version of the Premorbid Adjustment Scale (PAS), NERVENARZT, 71(3), 2000, pp. 188-194

Authors: Lemaire-Vieille, C Schulze, T Podevin-Dimster, V Follet, J Bailly, Y Blanquet-Grossard, F Decavel, JP Heinen, E Cesbron, JY
Citation: C. Lemaire-vieille et al., Epithelial and endothelial expression of the green fluorescent protein reporter gene under the control of bovine prion protein (PrP) gene regulatory sequences in transgenic mice, P NAS US, 97(10), 2000, pp. 5422-5427

Authors: Rathgeber, J Kahle, G Schulze, T Zuchner, K
Citation: J. Rathgeber et al., Rapid measurement of water vapour pressure at the saturation point using anew hybrid humidity sensor, BIOMED TECH, 45(10), 2000, pp. 288-292

Authors: Klemm, E Schulze, T
Citation: E. Klemm et T. Schulze, Ring-opening polymerization of heterocycles bearing substituted and unsubstituted exo-methylene groups - a review, ACT POLYM, 50(1), 1999, pp. 1-19

Authors: Brezger, B Schulze, T Schmidt, PO Mertens, R Pfau, T Mlynek, J
Citation: B. Brezger et al., Polarization gradient light masks in atom lithography, EUROPH LETT, 46(2), 1999, pp. 148-153

Authors: Schulze, T Brezger, B Schmidt, PO Mertens, R Bell, AS Pfau, T Mlynek, J
Citation: T. Schulze et al., Sub-100 nm structures by neutral atom lithography, MICROEL ENG, 46(1-4), 1999, pp. 105-108

Authors: Bell, AS Brezger, B Drodofsky, U Nowak, S Pfau, T Stuhler, J Schulze, T Mlynek, J
Citation: As. Bell et al., Nano-lithography with atoms, SURF SCI, 435, 1999, pp. 40-47

Authors: Schulze, T Strassburger, S Klein, U
Citation: T. Schulze et al., Migration of HLA into civil domains: Solutions and prototypes for transportation applications, SIMULATION, 73(5), 1999, pp. 296-303

Authors: Schulze, T
Citation: T. Schulze, Life stories - The autobiography in pedagogic thought, Z PADAGOG, 44(6), 1998, pp. 930-934

Authors: Krauss, H Knapp, M Schulze, T Rietschel, M
Citation: H. Krauss et al., Premorbid adjustment and schizophrenia, BR J PSYCHI, 173, 1998, pp. 536-536

Authors: Mlynek, J Drodofsky, U Stuhler, J Schulze, T Brezger, B Drewsen, M Nowak, S Pfau, T
Citation: J. Mlynek et al., Atom lithography, ANN PHYSIQ, 23, 1998, pp. 57-64
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